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 Question about SPM 4.4

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Question about SPM 4.4 Empty
PostSubject: Question about SPM 4.4   Question about SPM 4.4 EmptySat Apr 28, 2018 3:01 pm

First off, thank you for the amazing pack. I was very skeptical at first, only to realize this is how Skyrim is meant to be played.
I understand that this mod pack is getting a lot of hate, but honestly, we should look past that. The creator of this modpack is not in any way taking credit for the game or for the mods made by users. He simply did everyone a favor and created an amazing pack which otherwise is greatly time consuming. So thank you. 

Now for my question, I've read that playing this on a laptop is contraindicated, although I did install it on my laptop and I seem to have good results so far. 
With everything in the ENB activated, and all the mods active, I seem to be getting a decent 55 fps in dungeons, a 45 fps in cities/towns, and very rarely does it drop to 30 fps in heavy areas. 
My laptop seems to handle it very well so far, it doesn't even get overly hot. 

So my question is, should I continue with playing this, or do I risk frying my laptop?

My specs:
-Installed on 100GB SSD drive
-Intel Core i7 7700HQ, 8 cores, ~3.9Mhz speed
-8GB of RAM, DDR4 2666Mhz
-Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with MaxQ Design, 6GB, GDDR5

While I'm here, I would also like to ask if anyone knows if my specs can be safely over-clocked, or even if it's recommended for a laptop.

I just changed to Vaermina ENB, and not only do I think it's better looking, but my FPS just skyrocketed. 
I generally get 50+ fps while outside, 45+ in cities, and a decent 60fps in dungeons. Vaermina best enb!
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Question about SPM 4.4
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