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 Steam install guide 4.4

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I'm getting the hang of this
I'm getting the hang of this

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Steam install guide 4.4 Empty
PostSubject: Steam install guide 4.4   Steam install guide 4.4 EmptySat Mar 24, 2018 1:40 am


1. obtain Rottendub's 4.4 pack here:
Put his archive into any folder on your desktop so you know where it is. Just don't put it into a Skyrim folder.

2. Uninstall  any used skyrim. Turn off your antivirus for now.

3. Install a fresh copy of Skyrim (with all 3 DLC via steam install   (not the high res dlc))  to  C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim, and then copy the whole folder called skyrim, then continue to step 4 and/or step 5.

4. (Optional) Create a new folder called Clean Skyrim on your desktop. paste (from step 3) this fresh backup-copy of vanilla Skyrim with all 3 dlc via steam install into the folder Clean Skyrim  (not the high res dlc).   
5. Copy (from step 3) clean skyrim to c:\     not  C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim
6. Your Skyrim dir now is c:\skyrim
7. Goto where RottenDub's 4.4 is; unzip it to any empty temporary folder using 7zip that isnt skyrim for now ( mine is ....desktop\newfolder(2))
8. Make a backup copy of Mod Organizer.ini and put that on your desktop in case you mess up
9. Goto 4.4's Mod Organizer.ini  and change all instances of x:\ to c:\ keep the rest of the code in that command line make sure all are double backslashes (use the cntrl + H method on an open notepad)

10. Goto  4.4's Mod Organizer.ini and change all instances of x:/ to c:/keep the rest of the code in that command line make sure all are single forward-slashes
11. Save mod ini in 4.4/skryim
12  Open and Edit 4.4's nxmhandlers.ini   Change the one instance of x:\ to c:\.

13. Goto start menu ---> accessories. run command prompt as admin
    ----> Enter this command in cmd prompt:       mklink x:\skyrim "c:\skyrim" (right clik to copy this in the cmd with quotes)

14. Open all of rottendub's files in 4.4/skyrim ~ 182 objects and hit cntrl + A to select them all
15. Drag all 182 objects from 4.4/ skyrim to the open space below tesv.exe in the folder of c:\skyrim . Say "overwrite all" when prompted

16. Goto the folder: options\pre-configured saves  and copy the top save  "save 2"  and paste in C:\Users\*your computer's name*\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\saves

17. Goto c:\skyrim create shortcut for Mod Organizer.exe and drag to desktop
18. Run the shortcut to Mod Organizer you just placed on desktop.
19. Examine all the mods in Mod Organizer. Ensure that all left pane 260 mods are activated, in order (ie not alphabetical last mod =dylod), there are no warnings, and the top bar has many icons and each is in full color (an incorrectly linked mod will be bluish grey).

20. Refer to the original guide assure your nvidia or ATI settings are correct:

Ambient Occlusion


Anisotropic Filtering




Antialiasing Transparency





21.  Open and run steam. Change it to offline mode when you play Skyrim.  

22. Run SKSE in Mod Organizer to start Skyrim ! It may take about 3 minutes to start. You must see the word ENB if it works right on first loading screen.

23. Load the nord lvl 2 char you moved into the save file.

24. Let it load and get stable

25. From inside the game menu,  experiment with the mods and get to know what they do, and configure/ activate those you want . Just remember to save your game first  and then save it soon after you make any changes.

26. You might have to restart Skyrim a few times

27. To create your own unique character from scratch hit the ` key and enter showracemenu command ... and tempt yourself . Throw away most all of that good stuff you have started with. And create a new save as soon as possible. Don't throw away any rings or stuff that is mod unique.

28. Optional start new char instructions:
       a. open mod organizer

       b. run skse
        c. start a new game from the main screen menu
       d. let everything load u will be looking at castle towers in falkreath but u cannot move
       e. say yes to everything when prompted or use your best judgement on questions involving the mods
       f. hit esc key, open your mods from inside the game
       g. scroll down to skyrim unbound
       h. push some buttons in there except the start/ begin ---> and configure skyrim unbound
       i. check the top box says start or begin


Thank you to TommySparks without whom I would have given up entirely...
Of course all the highest possible thanks to RottenDub for Modpack4.4 and all his work
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Steam install guide 4.4
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