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 Some mod suggestions

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New Face!

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Some mod suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Some mod suggestions   Some mod suggestions EmptyMon Feb 19, 2018 11:13 pm

Will you be adding some of these mods or are they already incorporated...

1: Open Civil War:

2: Palaces and Castles Enhanced
2 great mods to improve the Skyrim civil war questline

3: Second Great war

4: Diverse Skyrim:
Great mod for creating a more diverse Skyrim such as patrols

5: Imperious and Qaxe's Questorium
For racial abilities and changes
If possible, adds a lot more quests and things to do in Skyrim

7: Thunderchild
Adds so many new shouts to the game and other things

8: Immersive Sounds - Compendium:
Great mod for immersive sounds

9: Will there be any ai mods such as immersive citizens, cutting room floor and better vampire NPCs?

I have no idea if these mods will be compatible with your mod pack, just some suggestions that I like :D Your mod pack is looking great atm cant wait for release :))

And lastly, will we be able to remove, change or add some mods from the mod pack, like some of the face textures(anime) and movement mods?
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Some mod suggestions
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