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 Can you still play Crysis Wars anymore [Yes+Discount]

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Can you still play Crysis Wars anymore [Yes+Discount] Empty
PostSubject: Can you still play Crysis Wars anymore [Yes+Discount]   Can you still play Crysis Wars anymore [Yes+Discount] EmptyThu Feb 08, 2018 7:01 pm


If anyone feels nostalgic about Crysis you can get it for 5$ on steam until 12 February and still play it on multiplayer after with a few tricks

Grab it HERE

Crysis® Maximum Edition ( Crysis + Crysis Warhead + Crysis Wars )

If you haven't finished the main campaigns you should do so because graphics look superb even a decade later and it's a very good game overall

(this game was a GPU killer back in the day) Once you get the game go and configure your profile name/graphical settings/keyboard bindings etc
On to the multiplayer part of the guide/tutorial.

All credits go to [Sco] Cooper Kid and his guide

You will have to download 2 things to get started.

1.Download the file crysis_wars_ex_final.exe
Mirror 1[]

-Install to G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Crysis Wars
*Where G:\ is the drive you have installed crysis wars in

2.Download CrysisWarsEX_1_1_4.exe

Mirror 1[]

-Install to G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Crysis Wars
*Where G:\ is the drive you have installed crysis wars in

3.Launch Crysis Wars EX final 64bit from your desktop
Logging In

First things first - start up multiplayer the usual way: Click the Multiplayer button in the main menu, then click on Internet Game. A pop-up box will say Contacting Crynet Systems Server. THIS WILL TAKE UP TO 30 SECONDS. Don't close it! Just let it take its time.

After a short while, you'll be greeted with the usual CryNet login window. Here's where things are going to get a little different - Gamespy is no longer active so you can't use your old Gamespy account. Type in the username you want (anything will do), and use crysis as your password. Then click login.

You'll be greeted with a second login window - this one for the new OMG! servers. Click Create new account and fill in your details as desired. Then click login, and you're done. After a quick load, you should have a list of servers.

We're done! You're back online and can keep playing this awesome game with players from around the globe. Although the servers are fairly barren at the moment, as more people hear about this mod soon player numbers will rise again.

End of the guide that's posted by Cooper

Now you're left with a big problem - Servers are empty so unless you managed to get some of your friends to get the game and play togheter you're stuck alone.

I'll try to get some people to join and play but that might or might not happen.
All the configuration you went throught wont be for nothing tho`, we have a second solution!

Go to and grab the cryserv client the first download

-Install to G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Crysis Wars

*Where G:\ is the drive you have installed crysis wars in

Now all you have to do is start the game with CryServ-Client 64bit from the desktop and click Multiplayer >>> Internet once in game

You will be presented with about 8 servers. To join one just type " join 5 " for example.
There were already 6 (20+) people playing on that server and it might just pick up in the weekends.

There it is! You can still play Crysis in multiplayer if your get a nostalgia kick.

*Unrelated notes : I still find multiplayer in Crysis to be one of the most enjoyable multiplayer action / game of all times, opinions are divided here of course but that's just my two cents, if we can get more people to play it i see fun times ahead.

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Can you still play Crysis Wars anymore [Yes+Discount]
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