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 Cant hit 60fps with a GTX 1080Ti

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New Face!

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Cant hit 60fps with a GTX 1080Ti Empty
PostSubject: Cant hit 60fps with a GTX 1080Ti   Cant hit 60fps with a GTX 1080Ti EmptyTue Nov 14, 2017 6:16 pm

First post, long time lurker and all that. I've been trying to get this up and running for a few months now but realized my gtx 970 wasnt going to approach 60fps in 1440p, so after a while I got a 1080Ti!

MY problem is that I've done everything to increase fps but I'm still not getting anything back. I've reduced grass density, set v-sync, tweaked the ini according to the performance guide, decreased settings and draw distance in the settings, disabled additional spawns in ASIS, OBIS and IC, disabled dyndolod and finally i disabled the enb altogether. Only disabling the enb put me at an average 60fps in the wilderness and even that wasnt without spikes.
I really want to make this work, but I also need to get it to 60fps 1440p, at least outside of cities. I welcome any help in this.

Also, I got to to hand it to RottenDub, this is probably the best skyrim mod pack on the planet.

My specs:
16gb 2133Mhz DDR3
i5 4690K 4,5Ghz (OC)
GTX 1080Ti
Samsung 850 EVO SSD

I realize this might have been asked to death but i still haven't seen anyone with this card having problems, plenty of people are sporting 60fps with less as far as I've seen.
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Cant hit 60fps with a GTX 1080Ti Empty
PostSubject: Re: Cant hit 60fps with a GTX 1080Ti   Cant hit 60fps with a GTX 1080Ti EmptyFri Nov 17, 2017 2:01 pm

I can't test it with my current hardware (can't go 1440p) but the way textures work in Skyrim is not like in many game you can see 4k/2k etc textures even at 1080p and don't know how that scales when using higher resolutions.

If anyone else playing in 1440p and would like to jump in here.

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Cant hit 60fps with a GTX 1080Ti
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