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 SUGGESTIONS - Continuing our "discussion'

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SUGGESTIONS - Continuing our "discussion' Empty
PostSubject: SUGGESTIONS - Continuing our "discussion'   SUGGESTIONS - Continuing our "discussion' EmptySat Sep 02, 2017 3:58 pm

Hello again, Rotten D! I'm moving our talk from 4.4 to here as you "asked".

I don’t mind that you’ve edited the post btw. What matters is that you’ve read and considered :^)
(for now, I’m gonna wait for 5.5)

Before I go any further, let me make a point:

I’ve played A LOT of Skyrim. However, not the way “I was supposed to”. As an extroverted with attention-deficit disorder and hyperactivity (I’m not crazy, I swear) I always played for a while, stopped, came back after some months, started a new char again, played for a while, stopped, came back after some months, started a new char again, and thus the cycle continues (with other games too). I'm tired of the vanilla game, however, there's much that I haven't seen yet, like ALL THE DLCS, but get there is painfull since I'm gonna have to do all again..

What I’m looking for in this modpack is not only adittional content, but improved/different content, so I can replay everything without that shitty feeling, the same one from watching the same movie again and again, you know?

Back to our subject:
-At the crafting station, different weapons with different recipes and different status, but same texture.

Well, I don’t know unitil where this is a matter of opinion or not, but here’s how I see it:
Let’s take one handed iron swords for instance. At my current Blacksmith level I can forge only iron swords, and vanilla Skyrim has only one type of it. With mods, let’s say I have 3 additional types of iron swords with the same damage, that would be diverse! I can choose which one I like more and/or matches my character appearance and armor.

Having more than one iron sword with different name, different status, different weight and yet same texture, isn’t diverse, is messy. Is it even possible to change this?

-Are children killable and lootable? I did not tested it.
Another wanderer... Came to lick my father’s boots?! Good job... 

-2 straight hair mods and 1 improved rough vanilla - it's weird to have npcs with straight realistic hair and dirty rough hair standing near eachother.
*Different POV here

Can it be changed easily? Make everyone have either rough hair or straight hair?

-Almost every ncp has a useless wooden club.
*NPC's like to beat their wood, jokes aside they should not.

HAH! Good one. However is it possible to remove this item from the game?  It’s useless and I hate to find it while looting anything

-Clouds on the world map could be removed (if they are not already)
“ok” as in “whatever” or as in “will be removed in 5.5”?

-The mod list has no categories on Mod Organizer 
I wanted to check for mods like texture ones and stuff, see if there are things that I can change and stuff. Having them categorized would be wonderful.

-Better rings and necklaces, both appearance and utility.
*There almost a thousand of them how many exactly do you need?
I meant different look, status and effects. If this is already implemented on the mod, my appologies. As I said, I only played it for 1 hour or so.

-Is there a mod or a way to set the status of every item so you can balance the game yourself? Like, there are 4 sets of iron armors and the players usually choose the one with the higher stats. With this, it could be possible to set their status to be the same, so players choose what pleases them more.
*Not in the pack
Can it be easily added by the user? Will you consider using it on 5.5?

Combo #1
-Alternate Start Live Another Life -
-New Beginnings - Live Another Life Extansion -
-Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life -
-Death Alternative - Captured -
-Death Alternative - Alternate Start Addon -
*Alternate Start not recommended anymore
*Your Money or Your Life / Captured could work - not tested
Or just any other mod that makes you start the game in a different way.

Combo #4 Mihail Monsters and Animals
-Lurchers and Briarheart Trees -
*Pack already contains a lot of different spawns, adding a ton more will not go well.
Those mods doesn’t add a bunch of creatures. Each one adds either a single one or just very few ones that are usually together. They’re not gonna be all arround like Immersive Creatures and most of them are mini bosses / bosses. I insist that you take a closer look at each one of them more carefully and consider adding some, if possible, as most of them are very distinct from what everyone is used to, yet they are immersive and fit perfectly into the game. 

*Enchanted blood works fine

But it only affects the amount of blood that spills, and its texture, right?
BLEED makes character bleed on hit. If you slice someone’s arm (or anywhere else) he’s gonna bleed all over the place unitil he dies. And after he dies, he’s gonna bleed more for a while. A bandit camp will look like my siter’s room after she sneezes during her period. It Works together with Enchanted Blood, so it’s a nice adition imo.

*No more spawns mods + none tested

The air Atronachs are mini bosses, not just random spawns, if you can make that na exception.
-Insignificant Object Remover - better performance -

Why not?

-FPS Background Booster (truly works) -
That’s a thing anyone can download, won’t conflict with anything. However, I’m curious: Why not?

-Automatic Skin Variants -
/\ and every possible skin variant 
*Attaches scripts to spawned NPC will probably conflict with ASIS and Immersive Creatures
Is there any kind of fixes for it? This mod has great impact imo

*Enough armor variants IMO
Well, that’s an unnusual one! Idk if you took your time to check but it mixes common cloth and leather armor with clothes, + other things. It’s very immersive and gives a brand new look to the armors everyone is used to. If it doesn’t conflit with other stuff (and I believe it won’t) I’d consider it :^y

-EBD - EveryBodys Different -
*Already an NPC overhaul in place will not switch
Everybodys Different literally randomizes the apperance of every NPC. Remember replaying the same quests and talking to the same npcs that you can spot from a mile alway? Well, not anymore! With this mod you’ll have to look for most of them, as if you where playing for the first time again.

*Enough armors IMO
Can it be added without conflict?

Disclaimer: I wanted to replay Skyrim but iwth a lot of mods, so I tried modding it.
Couldn't make it work.
Downloaded Journey, didn't liked the configuration. Asked for help but the author acted like a spoiled cunt.
Tried to learn how to set the mods properly. Spent literally over 100 hours on it unitil I gave up.
I found your mod and now I just want to personalize it for myself and finally play it.
I'll support the cause in any way I can. Whenever I find time I'll make some suggestions for organization regarding the information for newcomers on the website and forums.

Since we're here, let me ask: What is your opinion regarding the people who bitch about creating a modpack without the authorization from every single author? Who claim that you're "stealing" their mods and stuff?

Ready to work!
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Rookie poster
Rookie poster

Posts : 7
Join date : 2017-08-18

SUGGESTIONS - Continuing our "discussion' Empty
PostSubject: Re: SUGGESTIONS - Continuing our "discussion'   SUGGESTIONS - Continuing our "discussion' EmptySat Sep 02, 2017 4:04 pm

I painted red every part of the text that was on the previous thread but the forum removed them after I changed the text format.
3 times in a row.

I'm tired of doing it :'(

Ready to work!
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SUGGESTIONS - Continuing our "discussion'
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