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 A humble request

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Lord Gilgamesh
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Dragon Slayer
Lord Gilgamesh

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PostSubject: A humble request   A humble request EmptyFri Sep 01, 2017 7:50 pm

May I recommend Druids Den Collectors edition for a druidic, nature themed home. It touches very little and is my personal favorite. Has a lot of amazing features, too many to count and has been reworked by a master modder.  I would kiss your feet if you could put this in Rotten.
I have used it for over  a year now and literally no ctd's( also with your 4.4 pack) and zero bugs or glitches with the home. I also used it flawlessly with the SRLE LoTD step guide with zero problems.

PWETTY PWEEEASE A humble request 3108610408 A humble request 3108610408 A humble request 3108610408 A humble request 3108610408 A humble request 3108610408

  • Fully voiced quest to reveal and acquire the Druid's Den
  • Brand new custom display mechanics & quest-aware content
  • Dynamic display storage of clutter, food, supplies, and more; store it and it appears on display
  • Vast library and study area with functional bookshelves
  • Custom displays for unique and rare items
  • Treasury with lots of storage space, mannequins, expanded weapon racks and loot piles that grows as you deposit gold
  • 100% live item displays, meaning all mesh and texture replacers work for displays as well
  • Auto-sorting chests
  • Craftloot system that draws and replaces items from storage containers when the craft station is being used
  • Mage area with alchemy/enchanting stations (including Staff Enchanter from DB)
  • Enchantment dispelling font
  • Soul gem combining font
  • Replica crafting station for making displays of quest turn in items
  • Underground forge with smithing equipment
  • Kitchen and cooking area
  • Indoor ingredient garden with 120 planting nodes
  • Exterior porch with breathtaking view of Whiterun and the Eastmarch
  • Working stable for your horse
  • Lots of greenery
  • Dynamic and toggleable lighting
  • Fully navmeshed and cleaned with TES5Edit
  • Family friendly with support for up to 6 children (Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions required!)
  • Observatory tower with the best view in Skyrim
  • New respec feature (after dragonborn main quest) atop the tower
  • Hidden areas and other secrets revealed with custom spell
  • Vampire/Werewolf aware lair with werewolf prey baiting feature
  • Integrated Dovahcloset outfit system
  • and MUCH more
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A humble request Empty
PostSubject: Re: A humble request   A humble request EmptySat Sep 02, 2017 1:23 am

I'll look into it but as always you guys can add your favorite without pretty much any problems.

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A humble request
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