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 Castle Story How to increase wave timers

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Castle Story How to increase wave timers Empty
PostSubject: Castle Story How to increase wave timers   Castle Story How to increase wave timers EmptyWed Aug 23, 2017 7:01 pm

Castle Story How to increase wave timers Desktop

Simple tutorial on how to mix sandbox and invasion with the latest version of Castle Story!
Open an invasion invasion file .lua with notepad++ and modify these values as showed or to your personal preferences

Path should be :

X:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Castle Story\Info\Lua\Gamemodes\invasion\Presets\invasion_easy_64bdddd8-3194-4aa7-a1da-f65c7c491ca5.json
*You can also copy any preset (exept coop and rename it to something like custom invasion or ChillMix)

Values to modify :

"firstWaveDurationBonus" : 3600, - why not
"waveDuration" : 1800,
"startingWorkersCount" : 16,
"startingKnightCount" : 8,
"startingArcherCount" : 8,
"blueCrystalDeeplayer" : true,
"orangeCrystalDeeplayer" : true,
"ironDeeplayer" : true,

*Note that you need to start a new map for these changes to take effect.

*Side note : from what i can tell game suffers from bad optimization, after you get 30 or so bricktrons game with "hitch" or "stutter" from time to time depending on your PC.

Hope this helps people who want to have a more chill out experience while also getting some action to test those defenses.


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Castle Story How to increase wave timers
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