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 Audio Bug

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PostSubject: Audio Bug   Audio Bug EmptySun Jul 23, 2017 2:10 pm

I searched through the forums, and I couldn't seem to find anyone at all with this problem so I hope there is a way to fix it lol.

I just installed Skyrim Perfectly Modded 4.4, this is my first play through I haven't played any of the previous versions, and everything is working perfectly. The game runs smooth, and everything seems to be going fine apart from a few very minor bugs like animals floating.

There is 1 bug that I have, and it's been happening every since I installed, and it wasn't bad at first but it's really starting to annoy me. I have the in game music on, and when I start the game I can hear the main menu music. But when I am playing there is none what so ever, even if I force play music through the console nothing happens. My weapons also make no noise when I sheathe/equip them, and I hear no sound at all from bows when I pull them back or when they impact something. It's started to become really annoying and kind of killing the immersion of my play through as the lack of sound kills the mood in some situations. If I could get any help on this it would be very much appreciated!

I decided to check my mod organizer, and I noticed this at the top of the list. Not sure what it means because I'm not very smart, but maybe this has something to do with my problem? 

Audio Bug Captur10
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Audio Bug
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