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 Improvements,features and development

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Improvements,features and development Empty
PostSubject: Improvements,features and development   Improvements,features and development EmptyFri Aug 07, 2015 9:21 pm

First of all what is this?Well it's kind of difficult to explain but I'll try.
This is plethora of mods,fixes,tweaks for Skyrim
I've been working on this for about 1 year and invested a few thousand hours into.
There has been a lot of reading,trial and error and A LOT of modding  tools used(about 20)
The reason for doing this is while i found Skyrim to be beautiful i also find it lacking in some places.

◘Is it a mod pack? -Yes and no!
◘ Does it contain custom fixes ? -Yes lots!
◘ Does it contain .ini tweaks ? -Yes plenty!
◘ Does it come with optimization? - Yes plenty! (60 FPS on a medium build pc)
◘ Does it contain texture replacements ? Yes about 200 hand picked mods are used
◘ Does it contain merged mods? - Yes A LOT of them!
◘ Does it contain better AI,Variation,New Landmasses,New quests,New Npc,More content? - Yes about 3x then vanilla skyrim!
      (Except for quests which are added in high amounts but not as much as all the side quests that skyrim vanilla has)      
◘ Does it have more weapons,armors,jewelry ? - Yes about 3-5x more then vanilla
◘Can this be considered an overhaul? - Yes...and then some

-In this part i'll be covering all features of 2.0.6.
-Add them as they come available and tested.
-This will be aimed at adult audiences and i recommend that you are 21 or more to play this!
-Requires an install of Skyrim Legendary Edition it will not contain the actual game

•Texture mods will not be listed here as they are to many and hand picked
•Add HDT Body's - Done!
•Add HDT Hairs - Done!
•Add HDT Argonian hair and some more HDT hairs - Done!
•Add HDT Armors - Done!
•Add HDT Capes - Done!
•Added HDT Capes for horses(Buy in Solitude)
•Corrected some HDT body's
•Made custom patches and .dll for things HDT
•Add and converted some immersive armors(not all) to HDT TBBP -Done!
•Add 13 New Races - Done!
•Memory Patch - Done!
•Add new lore friendly music and merging .esp - Done!
•Add fairly unique animations for both male and female -Done!
•Add grass EVERYWHERE without loss if FPS - Done!
•Add Pure Waters & Realistic Lighting Overhauld - Done!
•Add Real Roads and better Roads - Done!
•Add 4 terra armor mods combined and converted to HDT -Done!
•Add animation with daggers on back,1hand weapons on back,dual sheath redux -Done!
•Add falskaar and wyrmstooth+added better maps to them - Done!
•Add island fast travel (travel between dlc island,falskaar and wyrmstooth)
•Add ASIS,WTF,ACE,High level enemies,Enhanted AI,OBIS and Forsworn Legacy -Done!
•Add Realistic clouds and realistic sun - Done!
•Add Realistic Lighting Weathers & Realistic nights -Done!
•Add new cooking and fishing -Done!
•Add few player homes - Done!
•Add Skytest hunting behavior for animals -Done!
•Add hunting and more animal variants -Done!
•Add horses gone wild,more village animals - Done!
•Add Interesting NPCs,Inconsequential NPCs -Done
•Add Immersive Armors,Immersive Weapons,2 Cloak mods - Done!
•Add SkyMo Mod,Kill-able children and a few light scrip useful stuff -Done!
•Add revamped shops looks,glowing shop sings and road-pointers -Done!
•Add Bandoliers and other misc stuff - Done!
•Add even more new hairs -Done!
•Add Dynavision and Imaginator - Done!
•Replaced 28 days later with Draughnarok(totally optional) -Done!
•Add Lots of quests and new locations -Done!
•Add Even more quest and new locations -Done!
•Add More Weapons -Done!
•Add More Armors - Done!
•Add New Rings and Piercings - Done!
•Add New Followers - Done!
•Since Amidian born can cause micro stuttering on GPUS with less then 2-4GB of ram
(Problem is every npc uses them and that causes stutter)
I'm going put them in an optional folder that you guys with powerful GPU's can use
Instead I'm going to add about 40 high quality armors(2k,4k,8k)
Found crafting recipes(some just at skyforge)throughout skyrim and in quests
•Weapon Re-textures -Done!
•Create custom death sounds,main menu music,combat music-Done!
•Create 1-3 custom performance ENB's -Beta stage!
•Merged 10 armor mods
•Merged 7 hair mods
•Merged 3 eyes mods
•Merged Bandoliers mods
•Merged new races
•Merged Music
•Merged Textures and texture fixes
•Added 2 new complementary mods for tundra defense(now your settlement will be even more awesome)
•Added Hoddminir worldspace(empty worldspace)18 times bigger than Skyrim "cow seyland 96, -15"
•Replaced "More farm animals" with "farm animals"
•Cleaned all mods with tes5edit

What will be the aim for 2.0.6?
•It will be aimed at medium to high pc builds(no crazy ULTRA textures)
•It will be as immersive or as immersive breaking as you want it to be
•It will have between 400 and 600 mods
•It will be stable
•It will run at 60 fps with no enb
•It will add a lot of new quest and content
•It will add a lot of new NPC's and a lot of variation for existing monsters
•It will add new bandits,forsworn and anything you can think of and they will be smarter,
use a lot of new spells and yes there will be more of them.

2.0.6 Features

•Over 600 mods active at any time playing the game
•Over 100 mods merged into 15.esp
•About 10 new landmasses and quests (Faalskar,Wyrmstooth)
•Almost everything in the game is re-textured in someway (about 70% i would guess)
•Build for performance and game-play not for "ohh look at this amazing 4k tree bark --> eats 20 FPS"
(not that i have anything against such textures 4k gaming is not really possible for at least a few years because it's crazy expensive)
•HDT body's
•HDT armors
•HDT hair
•HDT earrings
•HDT capes
•HDT capes for horses
•New playable races
•Bandoliers for your character
•Rucksacks for your character
•Your character can talk
•New capes (non hdt)
•More Weapons (2-4x)
•More Armors (3-5x)
•More Jewelry (3-5x)
•More NPC's
•NPC's re-textures
•A lot more MOBS variation
•Herds of horses and cows will roam around Skyrim
•New farm animals (cows,pigs,sheep)
•Small blue fairy's will wander around Skyrim to light up your nighttime adventures.
•Big number of new fish species
•You can now fish
•New cooking recipes
•New bugs and butterflys will wander around Skyrim
•Different types of small birds will roam around Skyrim(ducks and other types)
•Hunting chains predators will hunt other types of animals
•Animals will have pups that can spawn 2 times a year
•New hunting system with quests and perks
•A lot more enemy types
•MOBS/NPC will try to follow and kill you across water
•MOBS/NPC will see you way better during the day and will try to snipe you at longer distances
•MOBS/NPC will see you harder at night
•New bandit types (OBIS)around 6 new bandit factions will try to kill across Skyrim
•New enemies level (WTF mod)will add MOBS/NPC that are not based on your level(yes you can find a lvl 90 near your starting position if unlucky)
•After level 10 new harder enemies will spawn
•Random high level named enemies will spawn as you advance through the game and levels.
•A very big collection of new spells added through multiple mods should be well over 600 new spells
•Dynamic and configurable loot system(some enemies will drop enchanted weapons or enchanted armors with random proprieties,they can now also temper their weapons or have more gold or potions)
•A small number of new player homes merged into a single esp
•A big collection of new armors merged into a few esp's
•A decent collection of new robes merged into a singe esp
•A big collection of new hairs (approx 400) merged single esp
•A big collection of new eyes (approx 300) merged single esp
•Player head-tracking (npc,corpses,moving animals etc)
•Player auto-unequipps ammo if not using a bow or crossbow
•Skill books can now picked up or stored for later use
•Given the difficulty is ramped up,player will now get 2 perk points per level
•Smart cast(auto-use)of healing magic(or other magic) when health is low (configurable)
•Smart use of potions(auto-use) when magic/health/stamina is low
•New main menu and loading screens
•Dynavision - adjust DOF (dynamic or static) without an ENB
•Imaginator - Further play with brightness,colors,contrast to adjust the game to your liking
•Locational damage to different body parts
•Footprints when you walk across snow or other areas
•Improved roads, bridges , fences
•Torches will leave a longer trail of smoke
•New music
•New custom combat music mod made for 2.0.6
•New custom main menu music made for 2.0.6
•New custom death music(when you die)
•Extended death duration (game won't auto load)
•Treasure crafting - craft treasure and sell it for profit or even make gold armors
•New shop decorations to make some the shops actually look like shops with more stock etc
•Vendors will be stocked with more items and have more gold
•You can now control how often kill-moves will occur
•New blood textures
•Bloody facials - you can now have blood spattered on your face while fighting
•Flying spell sold at DragonsReach in Whiterun that can be combined with new craftable wings(made at cooking stations)
•New deadly dragons and ultimate dragons (new spells,behavior,health etc for dragons)
•Vampires Overhaul
•Werewolf Overhaul
•You can now build your own settlement with Tundra Defense and Pocket Empire Builder
-Construct and place custom buildings in realtime
-Recruit villagers and guards,guard captains,mages etc
-Defend it against raiders
•Added a mod to facilitate your settlement building space (a new location has been build near Lake Ilinalta) but you can build it anywhere you want
•You can now start your own guild
-Recruit new members
-Send them in Skyrim to good deeds,bad deeds,collect resources
-Level up your guild
•Scrap armors into usable materials
•Scrap junk (shovels,wooden plates,flagons,iron pots etc) into usable materials
•Uncapped perks
•New alchemy ingredients (about 300 new ones)
•New textures for dense grass everywhere without loss in FPS
•Tweaks made to grass so that it can be seen for further away,also removes the "grass generating/popping" effect
•Amazing water textures when combined with the ENB already provided and installed
•Very heavy rain storms or snow storms can now occur,your vision will be limited to 1-2 meters ahead.
•Rain splashes,shooting stars,rainbows
•Lanterns in villages and roadside to light your way in the night
•Wearable lanterns
•New textures for night sky,galaxy and moons
•New textures for towns and villages
•New textures for shops signs and road-pointers
•New textures for armor and clothes
•New textures for weapons
•New textures for clutter
•New textures for alchemy tables and enchant tables
•New textures for chopping block
•New textures for fire effects
•New textures for lighting spells and effects
•You get where this is going with "new textures" i carefully hand picked textures for even the smallest things
•Better map/s with more control (EG fast travel icons from dragonborn dlc/faalskar/wyrmstooth)
•Better dialogue controls
•Better map markers (smaller,colored,less cluttery)
•Different fixes to some ui elements
•Different fixes to body's
•Different fixes to armors and meshes

There are a lot more features that escape me right now but I'll let you guys find them!

Improvements,features and development T53ICGx

Ok so the modded game will have 10 or more new landmasses that expand on Skyrim default map and take you to new locations,
but where?Some are not obvious and need some searching,and for your leisure i will list everything here with explanations,
Screenshots,all the goodies this thread will be updated often with new details etc!


-To start Falskaar, go to Riften and speak with Jalamar. He will either be outside around the market, inside the northern gate, or inside the Bee and Barb. You can also just go straight into Echo Deep Mine, a new dungeon just northeast of Riften.

The mod does not have a level requirement. It scaled in a similar manner to Skyrim, ideally providing a balanced experience for players regardless of their level. However, like Skyrim, if you're level 80 you may find bandits to be rather trivial. Mods that alter scaling and banditry/enemies in Skyrim will not affect Falskaar bandits as they are a unique setup.
Improvements,features and development Faalskar_zps6febfa48


-The quest begins for players at level 10 and above after you have been summoned by the Greybeards. Theodyn Bienne, a courier for the East Empire Company, will track you down wherever you are in Skyrim (or elsewhere) starting from the Bannered Mare in Whiterun and will deliver to you an important message. The task seems simple enough; slay a dragon that's stirring up trouble. But things are never that simple...

•Lost Colony of Akavir

-STARTS: At docks of Solitude, a trapdoor on one of the boats.
Improvements,features and development LostColony_zps3d7c5448

•Shadows of Dragonstar

-Start in the basement, at Vlindrel Hall in Markarth, the player home

Stop an evil Shadow Mage from destroying the world.
Run from Elephants.
This mod is basically a homemade expansion for the North Hammerfell region. The entire story should take about 8 hours to complete. This is a new land and will not affect Skyrim’s worldspace. This mod is loosely based on the old shadowkey travels game. This mod’s worldspace is roughly 1/3 that of Skyrim.
Fight Forest Trolls, Manticores, Elephants, Redguard Bandits, Ghosts, Shadow Mages and more.
Discover two towns, a large city, several dungeons, the shadow realm, and more.
Ride Elephants, Giant Skeevers, Spiders, and Horses.
Only for experienced characters. This mod will get difficult.

•Beyond Reach

-Head towards Markarth, a man will be waiting next to the carriage, talk to him to go to the new location.

There is no voice acting, so enable subtitles please.
Improvements,features and development Beyondreach_zpsf58b2a5b
Improvements,features and development BRMap_zpsad1b2d4d

•Lurking In The Shadows

-To start the quest simply wait for the courier to give you the letter from Jarl.
Read the letter and you are ready to begin!

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PostSubject: Re: Improvements,features and development   Improvements,features and development EmptySun Aug 09, 2015 5:01 pm

Is there any type of lighting mod included? Like ELFX, RCRN or RLO?
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Posts : 1968
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Improvements,features and development Empty
PostSubject: Re: Improvements,features and development   Improvements,features and development EmptySun Aug 09, 2015 5:06 pm

DTX3 wrote:
Is there any type of lighting mod included? Like ELFX, RCRN or RLO?

None atm,after testing many for a couple of years i'm happy with the ways it looks without.
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PostSubject: Re: Improvements,features and development   Improvements,features and development EmptySun Aug 09, 2015 6:21 pm

@RottenDub wrote:
DTX3 wrote:
Is there any type of lighting mod included? Like ELFX, RCRN or RLO?

None atm,after testing many for a couple of years i'm happy with the ways it looks without.

Ok no problems. Just wanted to check before I added one myself. ;)
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PostSubject: Re: Improvements,features and development   Improvements,features and development EmptyTue Aug 11, 2015 3:54 am

Hey Rotten, I've been playing for a few hours and loving it, thank you for bringing this wonderful pack it works great ;).
I've noticed that the perk tree is the same as vanilla, you mentioned on reddit that it had a "new magic system,new warrior system,new archer system" during development.
The only difference I've noticed so far is that perks have more ranks now, I dunno if I missed something but it would be great to incorporate a perk system that isn't vanilla since I've played a lot with it already on the original game.
Is there something more on that leveling system? And is there an issue if I make bashed patch with another perk system?
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Improvements,features and development Empty
PostSubject: Re: Improvements,features and development   Improvements,features and development Empty

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Improvements,features and development
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