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 State of Decay game overhaul

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PostSubject: State of Decay game overhaul   State of Decay game overhaul EmptyFri Nov 20, 2015 8:01 pm

State Of Decay Breakdown
Game Overhaul

Warning this is for adult audiences only,not suitable for children

Ever Felt that breakdown is a little slow and easy?
Well the aim of this modded version of the game will try to fix that
It will change a lot of how you will play Breakdown
It will be more action based I'll try to explain below.
The focus won't be on hording materials everyday but on survival.
You will need someone to accompany you or you will get easily swarmed,
Putting more focusing on collaboration,
Running might be the strategy that saves your ass more then once.
Long story shorts it will be high risk high rewards.

While some changes apply to original and lifeline this is only optimized and recommended with breakdown.

General Mods :

-Added sweet fx and some texture changes to change the cartoony look and very black shadows
(You can play with gamma until it suits your taste)
-Added some new effects and particles (smoke,gunshots,etc)
-No more blur EVERYWHERE you can now actually see your character,building etc
(Except driving,i haven't figured out how to remove it yet)
-Changed main map with a better one
-Master Clock
(controls how long days and nights will be in real time)
(Press "B" to configure it)
-Changed lights for flashlight and vehicles
-Adult based billboards,paintings

Main Story Changes :

-Fixed Main Bridge
-Changed the appearance of Ed Jones
-Changed the appearance of Maya Torres

Breakdown Changes :

-Skills xp = 3x
-You may now choose more that one specialization
(One ranged,one melee,and 2-3 complementary ones)
-Zombies spawn rates = 4x
-Vehicle spawn rate = 2-3x
-Removed dead vehicles that were there just to mess with your driving
-Changed all car inventory to 10
-Changed all backpacks to 10
-You now have a high chance to find more resources
-Resources count as double when turned in
-Bullets stack up to 255
-Bullets weigh nothing
-Building costs cut in half
-Building time cut in half
-Building options and created goods are expanded
-There will be more enclave (neighbors)
-You will be able to befriend them quicker
(Who has the time to do 5 missions for them when 40 zombie run after you)
-Missions will take 3x more time to activate
(No more feeling like a rabbit trying to do all the missions in short time but you will need to make some decisions)
-Radio options cost half
-Radio re-use time is half
-More radio options including : reinforcements,doctor,counseling,artillery strikes and more.
-Added guns from lifeline to breakdown

Installation instruction :

-Install and play.

-Start game from "State of Decay - redist - "

-Uninstall from control panel

State of Decay game overhaul Index_zps2c31a6df

State of Decay game overhaul StateOfDecay2015-01-0414-32-19-12_zpsf7682cff

State of Decay game overhaul StateOfDecay2015-01-0415-54-29-78_zps0b2b00fe

State of Decay game overhaul StateOfDecay2015-01-0417-04-39-18_zps82f87a9b

State of Decay game overhaul StateOfDecay2015-01-0307-43-52-93_zps7ba918ab

•Where to download?

•What to search for?

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State of Decay game overhaul
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