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 Crash going to bed

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New Face!
New Face!

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Crash going to bed Empty
PostSubject: Crash going to bed   Crash going to bed EmptySat Dec 03, 2016 12:58 am

After hours and hours of unpacking, deleting, formatting, unpacking again, reinstalling, deleting and formatting and unpacking again i managed to get this thing going on.

I am a bit frustrated bc not everything is running as smooth as i expected.

1st, theres no WTF on the pack i downloaded so patching ASIS was ok, but DSR, not so much.

2nd, i got the game running nice, textures seems to be ok, game core also ok, i traveled a little and freezed my balls to death to test the mod and so far so good... O tried to rest on a bed and the game crashes. I thing i did everything Rotten explained in the installation guide, but the only suggestion for that is uninstalling a mod that isnt even installed on the 4.3 (at least the one that i downloaded via torrent) {ALSO, WHERE IN THE HELL ARE THE DOWNLOAD LINKS FOR THE PACKS, I GOT THIS ONE SEARCHING THE PIRATE BAY}.

This is my last try, next one im uninstalling it.

There's a shot of MO up and running.

Crash going to bed Shot110
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Crash going to bed Empty
PostSubject: Re: Crash going to bed   Crash going to bed EmptyFri Dec 09, 2016 12:35 pm

Hey sorry i don't usually check old threads/forum sections as it not really very productive.

I've checked your other thread, don't worry it's OK.

From what i can see from the screenshot you posted (had to squeeze my eyes to see as it's very blurry) the load order in the right pane of Mod Organizer is messed up.

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Crash going to bed
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