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 No Man's Sky V1

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No Man's Sky V1 Empty
PostSubject: No Man's Sky V1   No Man's Sky V1 EmptyMon Oct 31, 2016 8:26 pm

No Man's Sky V1 NMS_2


Website version

Pack contains 42 mods

•Instant(faster) intro screen
•Bigger planets
•Bigger animals
•More animals
•Buildings on planets will be more closely packed together and more rare to find overall
•Bigger space battles
•A lot more warping ships
•Better re-worked UI and Icons
•Japanese voice for the warnings and actions
•Instant actions (collecting/menus/interacting etc)
•Removes black bars
•Removes RimLightning
•Removes "instagram filter" that the game seems to come with
•Removes strange heavy air particles and replaces them with better ones
•Removes BilinearSupersampling
•Removes hints
•Removes stamina drain
•Removes jet-pack limit
•Removes a big chunk of fuel needed for take-off
•Removes restrictions to ship and ground collision
*You can hover your ship on planets and mine with ship(carbon/iron/plutonium)

•HD spaceship HUD
•HD Buildings
•HD Space-Stations
•HD Atlas Stations
•HD Anomaly Stations
​•HD Walkers
•HD Ruins
•HD Monoliths
•HD Crystals
•HD Scavanged buildings
•Better damage output for ship
•Better Screen for your ship (clear glass)
•Better visibility in space
*Trading lines much more visible
*Planets much more visible with better colors
•Better warp effects
​•Better warp color
•Better vendor stock
​•Better Water textures
•Better textures for Smoke/Fog/StormCloud/Rain/Effects

What this pack won't do : Give you the game that Hello Games promised.

Where to download?                  

How to install?

- Extract the contents of the pack to your "No Mans Sky" root folder.
- Go to GAMEDATA folder and delete SHADERCACHE folder.(only once)
​- Start the game

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No Man's Sky V1
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