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 Mafia III - Removing the god awful blur

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Mafia III - Removing the god awful blur Empty
PostSubject: Mafia III - Removing the god awful blur   Mafia III - Removing the god awful blur EmptyThu Oct 13, 2016 1:12 am

Hey guys if anyone playing Mafia III wants to remove that awful blur that it comes with here are some quick and easy steps.

1: Get the reshade from

2: Get file/7zbzdf1axjq4uz6/

3: Get file/9rdxa7xdk8k6vik/

4: Open "ReShade_Setup_3.0.1.exe" Click "Select Game" and select your "Mafia 3.exe" - An easy way to find your install directory is to open steam, go to your games list, right click mafia 3, click properties, click the local files tab, click browse local files and you'll be taken to it.

5: Click the button next to "Direct3D 10+" You'll be asked if you want to download shaders - Click YES and let it download. Once it's complete it will say done.

6: Open Mafia 3 and after the shaders have finished loading press SHIFT+F2. Follow the on screen tutorial and make your own preset by pressing the + sign in the top right hand corner. Name it whatever you like and click enter. (the preset name will be save in the root folder of the game (EG : Rot.ini)

7: Once you've made your preset be sure to check a few of the boxes next to the settings below and then click continue followed by finish. It doesn't matter what ones you've ticked as long as you've ticked some. If you don't tick any your preset will have no information and won't be saved. Close Mafia 3

8: Open "NYCLIX PRESET" from the Mediafire download. You may need Winrar or Winzip to open it. Highlight everything by pressing CTRL+A and then CTRL+C to copy the text.

9: Go to your Mafia 3 directory and open up "Your preset name.INI". Highlight everything by pressing CTRL+A followed by CTRL+V to paste my settings over the top and overwrite the old settings.Save and close the file making sure not to change the name.

10: Place the second file from the download "HDR.fx" Into Mafia III\reshade-shaders\Shaders. If you're missing this file redownload 5.0 as it was left out for a short time in the original upload.

11: You're done! Open up Mafia 3 and press Shift+F2. If done correctly your settings should look like this with 5 boxes ticked.

I did not make this preset original post/thread here :

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Mafia III - Removing the god awful blur
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