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I'm getting the hang of this
I'm getting the hang of this

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PostSubject: Brilliant Work + +   Brilliant Work + + EmptyFri Sep 30, 2016 3:32 am

I was almost about to quit skyrim after the following:

1. Trying to mod skyrim myself and getting ctds every turn
2. Trying the journey mod pack and not liking some of the features, the frame rate, etc. Trying to change the enb.. not liking the lack of MO support..
3. Countless hours researching to fix my problems..

This rotten guy changed that! I was hesitant to try another mod pack thinking my computer just sucked. Here are my specs

Core i5 6600k 
16gb ram
AMD RX480 8gb vram
1tb hdd 
NO sdd

Boy was i wrong! Perfect Modded to the rescue.

I did the following changes

Replaced skyrim unbound with alternative start 
I had to delete ASIS and dependency in order to get the red exclamation mark to go away but i then reinstalled it from Nexus.. i guess its a batched file with a missing master.. never the less i got it working 

I added quick loot to quickly loot items
I added calientes beautiful body WITH UNDERWEAR 2 which removed the BB physics i guess due to the underwear.. on the plus side it fixed the ugly faces the mod pack had.. i added a custom race incase i wanted a nude character.  I have kids that wont be seeing that so its full proof.. they wont be using my new race either.

I added a few homes and archery gameplay overhall which makes archery much more amazing

I added a new nebula sky

And a few more things i forget right now

Oh yeah a new font and dialog overhall that has a yellow highlight over my selected decision

I also added mainmenu replacer that sorts save files and my wallpapers are randomized upon game start up

My observations:

Great mod pack! The quality and craft is top notch, the amount of hours cant be denied.. truly elegant graphics and frame rate, im truly immersed and it feels like skyrim remastered came out early.

I could only assume in 6 months to a year we will be seeing a mod pack for that... so definitely charge money and ill pay.. or make it free and lose out on thousands..

Either way ill be playing it.

Now to things that could enhance it:

Add the quick loot mod its quick easy no MO just a few copy and pastes no enabling required..

Add archery gameplay overhall

Test different ENBS, i enjoy this enb but i dont particularly like the depth of field but i assume theres a way to disable.. my nebula ia blurry as can be.

Add custom music to replace vanilla music

I also added living takes time its a cool clock menu on the top left u can add things to it like moon calendar and more

Add a custom race because why not? Make the females faces better.. let people know ahead of time women will be nude.. you even said its an adult mod but no sexuality lol..

Whats your opinion on skytweak?

That's all for now :) fantastic job
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I'm getting the hang of this
I'm getting the hang of this

Posts : 13
Join date : 2016-09-30

Brilliant Work + + Empty
PostSubject: Re: Brilliant Work + +   Brilliant Work + + EmptyFri Sep 30, 2016 3:37 am

I also wanted to add installation was straight forward

Your instructions could be more straight forward for the average nerd lol..

Having to partition a drive and making it X was easy but it took some time lol i made the drive 110gb just to be safe

In all honestly it was easier to install this pack than journey.. journey has you do all types of crap lol and isn't compatible like perfect, as far as swapping in and out different mods with mod organizer being the main source!

Those additional tools you seem to of added is cool to! I never seen mod organizer with all those icons on the top before.. 

Thanks again
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Brilliant Work + +
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