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 ENB Performance guide

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ENB Performance guide Empty
PostSubject: ENB Performance guide   ENB Performance guide EmptyWed Jul 13, 2016 6:43 pm

ENB Performance guide Drawn_orange
Requested ENB guide.

If your PC can't handle the pack + ENB don't fret and don't disable it you can squeeze out some performance still.

•Opening enblocal.ini and setting UseDefferedRendering=false will disable some eye-candy(like AO,subsurface scattering etc)

and the heavy hitters of ENB giving massive FPS boost and still keep some of the good stuff like Bloom,Adaptation and DOF
ENB Performance guide Drawn_orange
◘In some cases setting DefferedRendering to false is enough to boost performance but if not :

•Once in-game press the console button(tilde or ` near the 1 button)
•The press Left Shift+Enter
•Disable as many ENB features as you want but leave bloom and water ON
•Press the + sign on each of the options in the left hand of the screen and set everything to low or very low
•After you are done go up again and press >>> SAVE >>> APPLY

•The pack should run smoother now if your PC can't handle ENB properly
ENB Performance guide Drawn_orange

ENB Performance guide Drawn_orange

ENB Performance guide Drawn_orange
Q:But how will my game look with everything set to low or disabled?
A:It won't look that bad

Q:SS on low settings?
ENB Performance guide Drawn_orange
ENB Performance guide Enb_2016_07_13_19_14_06_32
ENB Performance guide Enb_2016_07_13_19_16_10_77

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ENB Performance guide
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