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 3.Knowledge Base - FAQ

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PostSubject: 3.Knowledge Base - FAQ   3.Knowledge Base - FAQ EmptyWed Jun 01, 2016 12:58 pm

Hey guys this thread will serve as a knowledge base for V4
It will contain anything you need to know about the pack and even mini-tutorials
It will serve as FAQ|Q&A|Gameplay tips|

So be sure to check this out from time to time as it will get updated and use CTR+F if this turns into a wall of text and you need to find a certain problem/tip

QWhat specs do you recommend for smooth gameplay?
A : i7 6700K|GTX 970|16GB DDR4|7200 RPM HDD/SSD/m.2 drive|

Q : Pack OS compatibility?
A : Only tested and recommended on Win7x64 and Win 10x64

Q What Nvidia driver do you recommend?
A : Currently using 372.90 for Win10 (Released 21.09.2016)

Q : Why do you recommend i7 CPU's can Skyrim use more than 2cores?
A : Yes, it does now it will use everything you have available even with 4 or 8, even hyperthread.

Q : Can i unpark my cores if use a current gen Intel CPU?
A : It's not needed anymore

Q : Is it safe to turn on threaded AI and the rest of the threaded settings?
A : It is safe, but people have mixed results, as the pack will use all your CPU threads now i don't see these settings necessary

Q : Will the pack use more that 3GB of VRAM?
A : Yes

Q : Will the pack use more than 8GB of DDR?

A : Yes,maximum usage on my PC was 11GB, 1.6 of it used by the OS and the rest by SKYRIM,ENB host.

Q : Where are my saves stored?
A : In Skyrim\profiles\RottenDub\Saves or C:\Users\YOURUSER\Documents\My Games\Skyrim
Depends on how you want to handle your savegames

Q : Where are my ini's stored?
A : X:\Skyrim\profiles\RottenDub

Q : Is there a way to remove nudity from the game?
A : Download and Install CBBE never nude (any model version), Disable [Optional CBBE Body](4K2K HIGH) Topic

QHow do I adjust VRAM settings?
A: ENBLocal.ini > VideoMemorySizeMB=

Q : After i restart my PC the first time i start my MO it take an unusual amount of time,sometimes 30 seconds or more
A : MO has to load and check 40GB of data and files,on a normal HDD this "problem" could happen once after you restart your PC|on a SSD this should be non-existent|

Q : What 3rd party monitoring software are safe to use in the background?
A : So far|Process Lasso|Real Temp|MSI Afterburner|CPU-Z|GPU-Z|SpeedFan|Nvidia Shadowplay is semi-safe use manual mode|

Q : Something is the pack is not configured to my tastes
A : See |Proper Mod Config A to Z help|

Q : I have an XXX processor, XXX video card, XXX RAM how will the pack run on muh rig?
A : I'm not a performance calculator guys use |Benchmarks V4| and try to calculate how the pack will run on your rig

Q : I have no compass, WTF i can't navigate in this conditions, this is unacceptable!
A : Press "X" to hide or show your compass (configure from immersive HUD)

 : How do i check if my character is hungry,thirsty or sleepy?

A : Press "N"

Q : Can i drink water from rivers/pools of water? How?
A : Press "B" (you can also fill empty water bottles from pools of water and boil the water to avoid diseases with primitive cooking if i remember correctly)

Q : How do i light up the night/dungeons?
A : Keep "E" button pressed for about a second (again to turn off)

Q : More light tips?
A : Check predator vision in MCM

Q : Other hotkeys?
A : A lot of mods have keys that you can configure to your taste MCM

Q : Can i hotkey spells, weapons, armors, food etc?How?Tell me how FFS!
A : YES! Favorite anything in your inventory then press "Q"(favorites menu) and press a key from 1-9 while your cursor is over them or selected.
*will work on Numpad number keys also

: Can i see my FPS?
A : Press the "*" near NumLock and "/"

Q : Can my character autowalk/autorun?
​A : Press NumLock

: MOR hotkeys?
A : Double tap a direction key to dodge in that direction

: MOR MOR hotkeys?
A : CapsLock to switch between run/walk

: MOR MOR MOR hotkeys?
: Keep "F" key pressed and move your mouse cursor around.You'll be able to rotate around your character even if you have a weapon or spell out.

: MOR MOR MOR MOR hotkeys to help us take some nice screenshots or videos?
*Press X to hide your compass
*Press RIGHT SHIFT to hide all HUD elements and enable free camera (press again to disable)
*Press RIGHT CONTROL to hide all HUD elements, stop time and free camera (everything will freeze into place) [press again to disable]
*Press G to center the camera around your character (center of the screen)
*Press V to switch camera position (left or right)
*Press F3 to slow down time
*Press Click or Rightclick to lower and raise camera while using RIGHT SHIFT or RIGHT CONTROL
*WASD to move around while using RIGHT SHIFT or RIGHT CONTROL
*LEFT SHIFT to make the camera move slower while using RIGHT SHIFT or RIGHT CONTROL
*You can modify camera speed and keybinding from MCM Menu >>> Screenshot assist

Q I'm stuck in terrain or other place and can't get out!HALP!
A Open console "`" tilde key and type "coc riverwood" or "coc whiterun"

I get tired/hungry/sleepy/cold to fast!
: Configure from MCM respective survival mods (Frostfall/Realistic needs and diseases)

:  I don't like the ENB can i change it?
: Sure go ahead

Will we get more ENB presets?
: Yes! Soon!

3.Knowledge Base - FAQ Drawn_orange
Q: I have Realistic Needs in my MCM, but it does not seem to be activated. 

A: Realistic Needs and Diseases has to be activated. It is not turned on automatically or with the preconfigured save. If you go into the MCM menu there is an option to Turn/Start RN&D. Then the keys will function. This can't be turned on before character creation which is why the mods are deactivated.
3.Knowledge Base - FAQ Drawn_orange
Q: Where do downloaded mods go?
A: Hey guys since a lot of you asked for this here's a rundown on where your downloaded mods should go.

No.1 - Always install mods with MO

*If they don't have an automatic installer you should always click manual to see if folder structure is OK.
*A little more on this you can find on Skyrim Simple tutorials

No.2 - Installing textures and meshes

*Use the same method as above
*After you install a texture or mesh mod right click the left pane(anywhere) >>> All mods >>> Refresh
*If this texture/s will overwrite anything from the pack it will have this icon 3.Knowledge Base - FAQ Over meaning this texture will load when you play the game.
*You can find what files overwrites by clicking the said mod and going to proprieties
3.Knowledge Base - FAQ Overwr
*Usually if you see the 3.Knowledge Base - FAQ Over symbol it mean that a mod overwrites another and you should choose what overwrites what.

No.3 - Load order logic in 4.2 (everything in these example is approximative)

•0 to 20 - Masters and .esm's
3.Knowledge Base - FAQ 0_20

•21 to 28 - population, loot mods, camera, homes and interiors

•28 to 31 - Additional unique NPC's, NPC's overhaul and grass (verdant)

•32 to 49 - Spawn types and AI behavioral
3.Knowledge Base - FAQ 32_49

•50 to 64 - Armor, Weapons, Jewelry, Character hair/eyes/beard/etc
3.Knowledge Base - FAQ 50_64

•65 to 82 - Survival mods, settlement building and cooking
3.Knowledge Base - FAQ 65_82

•83 to 88 - Hud improvements and character creation

•89 to 100 - Followers and follower tweaks

•101 to 104 - Skeleton, SKYUI and FNIS

•105 to 117 - Merged spells, Merged perk tree overhaul + vampire and werewolf enchantments and improvements
3.Knowledge Base - FAQ 105_117

•118 to 136 - Town overhauls, small quests and miscellaneous stuff
3.Knowledge Base - FAQ 118_136

•137 to 156 - Water, weather, ENB mods and alternative start
3.Knowledge Base - FAQ 137_156

•157 to 162 - Bashed patch and SkyProc Patches
3.Knowledge Base - FAQ 157_162

◘That's all about load order logic, yours might be slightly different
*Apply the logic from that load order and you should be fine

-Example 1 : a weapon or an armor mod should go in the 50 to 64 area
-Example 2 : Followers should go in the 89 to 100 area
-Quest mods : should be place above Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp unless the mods has a .esm or mod author says otherwise
-Apply common sense in correlation with what you read above for the rest of the mods you might want to add

*Adding a similar mod that do the same thing will override the other if lower in load order, same applies to textures, meshes, sounds etc the one lower in load order will be what you see in-game.
*Read the author's instructions and don't forget to endorse a mod if you enjoy it

*This thread will probably receive small updates when it's necessary or i feel that i forgot something
*Feel free to add your own idea's and improve it
*Feel free to ask about a specific mod that you don't know where it should go but please apply logic first

Lastly: Thank you for this information RottenDub.

Johndoetes: "Also if anyone messes up the profile created by RottenDub by re-ordering mods in the left pane or changing the load order in the right pane without knowing the original state. Delete the "profiles" folder in X:\Skyrim and extract the "profiles" folder from both the 4.1 archive and 4.2 archive into seperate folders. Then copy and paste the 4.1 "profiles" folder into X:\Skyrim following with copying and pasting the 4.2 "profiles" folder into X:\Skyrim. Then follow the instructions by RottenDub in this topic for re-organizing your added mods in this topic. They should still be there but deactivated."

I hope this helped in some way as people keep asking where to put their downloaded mods.


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3.Knowledge Base - FAQ
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