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 Totally new member but I have modded skyrim to good fun results but eventually

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New Face!

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Totally new member but I have modded skyrim to good fun results but eventually Empty
PostSubject: Totally new member but I have modded skyrim to good fun results but eventually   Totally new member but I have modded skyrim to good fun results but eventually EmptyMon Apr 12, 2021 9:36 pm

Seeing my topic, Basically the way to describe my skyrim experience at this time is kind of fed up with heavily modded skyrim games becoming unworkable, and each time I attempt again there are new modding systems and rules to follow that I have to learn - I spend hours or days learning it only to get the same experience - my game will just stop working or there will be many bugs and I'll have no idea what mod caused them+two or 3 mods together causing them, etc.

I'm sure you guys/gals hear this quite alot. I love skyrim and I finally have a nice PC that will run the best mods and ENBs, but its such a time sink that I didn't want to do it again until I found and signed up for your site.

I have fiddled around for around and hour or so and I'm not getting the instructions on what to do first (I'm starting new with new install of skyrim, NOTHING else!)

If some kind soul could point me along the correct path, it would make life SO much easier for me! What I am wanting is step by step instructions if possible so I cannot mess this one up. I'm ashamed to say I've screwed over 7 skyrim modded styles.

SO if I can find a mentor,to guide me thru, I would be forever grateful! Trust me!

I'm not so stupid I need my hand held on every litle thing but its been 2 years so it may almost seem like that.

If the community can respond to my begging (lol, im afraid thats what it is at this point). I have a fallout 4 install w mods that looks really crappy, im afraid I lost my touch.  :'(

I loved and love skyrim so much, I am willing to learn, and im not one of those that will give up easily.

If anyone wants to take me on as a charity case, It would make my month!

I didn't see a comprehensive guide just poking around, but if there is such a thing, I'd be happy to be linked to it, but I also need more individual help I imagine.

Thank you so much.. I hope this is what it seems like to me now, looks like my lifesaver!   -Pattamus (character name)   Patrick (real name).

Anyone or any group of people that can help me succeed, I will appreciate every minute of it, and I promise I will help other newbies coming along looking for help once I am well seasoned. I love to give back to the community!  Thank you so much Guys and Gals, I hope we can conversate soon!   -Pat

EDIT: I thought i should add my system specs :  corsair HW 1000 PSU, corsair all glass cases with 5 fans, ASUS ROG Maximus IX mobo, 16gb DDR4 corsair vengeance ram, EVGA 1080Ti 12gb Edition, I am able to get up to a 25% OC. I7 7000K@4.8GHZ, 2 1tb SSDs, dedicated to gaming not sure what gen but at the time the highest. 2 5TB WD External drives for media storage, wireless laser 10 button mouse and keyboard combo. Various USB paraphenelia. 

Thank you very much, I'm highly excited playing skyrim again with proven mods, since I got close with 50-100 mods but after that I started getting Errors , shutdowns and other errors. So if this can work properly for me, I will promote it highly among my friends who have had similar problems modding skyrim with 300+ mods.
80" 8k UHTV, used as a monitor. In my bedroom since I have went wireless w/o PC desk, i've got a 65" TV I also use as a monitor but I very rarely play on that one, esp. since it's not UHTV..

I wanted a 3080 or 3070ti this xmax and for my birthday (apr. 20), and I will eventually get one, now im holding out for a 3080Ti.. I'm not rich enough for a 3090, This is the one hobby i actually splurge in. Some of my friend buy expensive rifles and submachine guns (yeah thats a telltale of being from the US). I'd rather buy PC parts personally!
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Totally new member but I have modded skyrim to good fun results but eventually
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