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 MCM Menus are not working.

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New Face!

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MCM Menus are not working. Empty
PostSubject: MCM Menus are not working.   MCM Menus are not working. EmptyThu Jan 16, 2020 9:52 pm


I recently installed Perfectly Modded Skyrim like instructed. Everything was working. But I wanted to play a duel-wielding character with a special look. So I installed some Eye, Hair as well as preset mods who were all working fine except for the Fnis mods as well as the dual wield parrying mod (Yes i have run the Fnis Tool). Those mods need a MCM Menu each that was not showing up when loading into the game.  I also tried installing them into the Data folder the normal way without MO but nothing helped. Does someone have an Idea how i could make it work?MCM Menus are not working. Unbena11
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MCM Menus are not working.
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