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 How do you install and run the mod?

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How do you install and run the mod? Empty
PostSubject: How do you install and run the mod?   How do you install and run the mod? EmptySat Apr 27, 2019 3:41 pm

Hi, I have tried to follow the instructions to the letter but stuck, I ran the mod organiser but get errors, and no new mods are showing on it.
I have the original steam version when it first came out, and also have the free legendary version as well combined with the original.
I have unsubscribed to all the mods I have and also removed the hi res dlc.
I then downloaded the steam version of SPM 5.0 public early version from
I then copied the download to the skyrim steam dir and then unpacked it.
I then downloaded and copied over the mod organiser to the same directory and again unpacked it.
I then opened the  organizer.ini and pressed CTRL+H and got the replace window with the search.
I entered X:\\ in the search box and found 6 lines with "X:\\" they are :-
13\arguments=-Xmx1024m -jar \"X:\\Skyrim\\MO MODS\\SUM Program\\SkyProc Patchers\\SUM\\SUM.jar\"
14\arguments=-Xmx1024m -jar \"X:\\Skyrim\\MO MODS\\ASIS Patcher\\SkyProc Patchers\\ASIS\\ASIS.jar\"
15\arguments=-Xmx1024m -jar \"X:\\Skyrim\\MO MODS\\WTF Patcher\\SkyProc Patchers\\T3nd0_WTF\\WTF.jar\"
16\arguments=-Xmx1024m -jar \"X:\\Skyrim\\MO MODS\\Dual Sheath Redux Patcher\\SkyProc Patchers\\Dual Sheath Redux Patch\
mod_directory=X:\\Skyrim\\MO MODS
It says to replace the ":X\\" with the install steam dir.  What one do I do? all of them?  just 1?
Also says replace "X:/" which there are 36 lines with the same x:/.  Again do I need to change all 36 lines with my install dir?
Also the 1st line under [general] says game path X:\\skyrim   What do I change that too.
The instructions are not very clear.
Thanks for any help
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How do you install and run the mod?
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