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 OSex Install -

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Look ma no hands

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OSex Install -  Empty
PostSubject: OSex Install -    OSex Install -  EmptyThu Feb 21, 2019 2:05 pm

Only if someone had a quick second -  how to do this, on a basic level - Is Shlongs included in SPM 5.0? and if so Im pretty terrid at modding despite really dedicating my time for about a year and a half while fighting cancer (finally just beat it like four monthes ago, check out World Without Cancer on Youtube, literally ate apricot seeds and bazinga, tumor shrank) anyways, I'm concerned I'm going to destroy this finely tuned literal work of art that RottenDub aka new God Howard has created, but regarding this install, can I drop Shlongs in, the OSA framework, the OSex mod, run FNIS (without messing with bashed patches etc) and were presto good to go? If not, if anyone has a second please let me know at your convenience, if possible maybe fire it up yourself first and check it out to see if its working - It seems incredibly easy from the guides I've been reading up on, but it looks so complex, it shouldnt be so easy as a drag and drop - it claims compatibility with almost everything (OSex) its been awhile and I need everything to function well and really don't want to muck anything up. Thanks guys, hope alls well!

P.S. Rotten you should consider a monthly/yearly payment plan that offers tiers of modding assistance - from remote installs (with proper permissions so you dont get in trouble) I'd pay 200 a year to have you on standby for drag and drop installs, I saw you were contemplating it - I think its brilliant as long as its fiscally viable and not too time consuming. Each tier would offer different levels of assistance so you dont get swamped but can make some extra (real) money on the side. I would shower you with monies if I had em as you have accomplished a great feat here my guy and we feel for you and your struggle at the moment. I'd be an early adopter if you did like a Patreon or something. Its also a way we can show our appreciation. Put a donate button on here at least, you can preface its totally optional, but what you've been offering is a legitimate service that you should be compensated for. Truly appreciate you. And everyone on here is pretty incredible too, no one on this forum is a tool lol - all awesome guys,  Anyways, food for thought.
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OSex Install -
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