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 CTD Upon just Starting Up the Game

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New Face!

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CTD Upon just Starting Up the Game Empty
PostSubject: CTD Upon just Starting Up the Game   CTD Upon just Starting Up the Game EmptySun Feb 03, 2019 10:20 pm

Hello, I am rather new to this community and wanted to try version 5. Anyways, after finally downloading and installing and then rechecking every single line because replacing your file path in doesn't just fix it I finally got MO to read all the mods and activate all of them. I fixed all the prefs to have my resolution and the game finally started. Or so i thought. Anyways the game will start I see some sort of title screen with landscape with some text in the top right which I could not catch and then the game just crashes. I have made sure not to have Task Manager running as well.

Specs: i5-7600k CPU unlocked to 4.3 ghz, GTX 1060 6 GB, 16 GB of DDR4 Ram 2400 and I have the game installed on a 1 TB SSD

Edit: yea I am running SKSE through MO
Edit 2: Started game and yea it's a landscape with a sillhouette of some trees and mountains and it says the title Elder Scrolls Skyrim at the bottom and then some text pops up in the top left and before I can even read it the game crashes

Edit 3: I thought I was just dumb and messed up the load order and just replaced the profile with a new version of it, which did indeed change all the load order of the mods and added a few more I haven't seen, but the game still crashes and I have now noticed that message in the top left is jsut copyright info

Edit 4: Yay the game started, Alright let's start a new game, gives me a bunch of set up questions and now I am staring at Helgen Burning as the Title and whatnot go accross the screen. Cool. This scene is getting boring, when do I actually start playing? Nothing is happening dear god help me. There are people that left helgen, then some people on horses came in, and I am still stuck here.

Edit 5: Alright nevermind all is good here, I realise now that the profile had to be put in fresh again and not activate every single mod, just starting it after the profile is loaded as the unchecked mods are being tested, etc. etc. and now i can play and then using Skyrim Unbound I can start the new game. I'll just leave this post up for anyone else to read in case they were having problems

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CTD Upon just Starting Up the Game
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