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 tried installing

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New Face!
New Face!

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tried installing Empty
PostSubject: tried installing   tried installing EmptyMon Dec 31, 2018 12:20 pm

ok so first, i tried doing steam install as installing without steam isn't a thing according to the entirely of the internet? everything and i mean everything told me steam is needed for skyrim so if there is a way without show me please? because i am legit confused on that part. moving on, i tried the mklink with the 10 mb partition but that just told me x:Skyrim couldnt be found? and it was 100% correct linked. next i tried editing the to reflect the C drive copied and pasted the directions but then looking in the int file parts of it would be steamapps\etcetc then / which i think isnt right to have both \ and / in the file pathing? but doing that and opening mod organizer didnt have a single mod on either said and i noticed in the settings the mod dictionary was typoed and was missing the S on steamapps, fixing that gave me the mods on left panel (260 total?) and 0 on the right so i dont know honestly anymore. lol, currently i got no skyrim installed i deleted everything and am about to flip a table. first time modding skyrim and i dont see how people can tolerate it.
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Rookie poster

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tried installing Empty
PostSubject: Re: tried installing   tried installing EmptyThu Jan 03, 2019 1:34 pm


Im new on this trend but why not try and give advices ? xD

Not installing  Skyrim with steam usually means that the game is cracked and little to nobody will help knowing that. However, for SPM4 specifically i think it's almost mandatory to install it elswhere to avoid troubles with permissions.

So if the folder X:\Skyrim cannot be found by MO it could mean that you didn't rename your Local disk accordingly. To do so you have to search Control Panel, administration tools, go to computer setting, disk then right click on the Disk you choose to install the game and click modify letter.

OFC choose X and you should be good :p

Hope it works dude ^^
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tried installing
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