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 HDT Heels, DynDOLOAD, PreCache Killer

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New Face!
New Face!

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HDT Heels, DynDOLOAD, PreCache Killer Empty
PostSubject: HDT Heels, DynDOLOAD, PreCache Killer   HDT Heels, DynDOLOAD, PreCache Killer EmptyWed Aug 15, 2018 10:58 am


First of all. Thanks to Rotten for the amazing work.
I followed the instructions for the Steam Install and the game works fine so far.

However, i found a few bugs.

A error showed up saying DynDOLOAD needs a update version of Papyrus.
I fixed that by downloading a newer version from Nexus and overwrite the files in the respective folder.

HDT Heels shows a error every now and then about "Wrong DLL version or DLL not running"
The Mod Menu for HDT Heels says Status: abnormal and allows no changes in any option
I havent been able to fix that one yet. So a little help here would be great.

The well known crash at character creation if you scroll through all different hair styles.
That could be solved by installing the PreCache Killer Script into the SKSE.
Question is, why is it not there by default? Would it interfere with other mods if i install it?

At the crafting stations (smithing, melting, alchemy, and so on) i have to hit "interact" several times before my char decides to actually use the station.
At first "interact" the char just stands there and isnt reacting anymore. After two or three tries the char then uses the crafting station.
I havent been able to solve thar issue as well.

It would be wonderful if someone could help me with those four problems.

Thanks alot :)
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Rookie poster
Rookie poster

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HDT Heels, DynDOLOAD, PreCache Killer Empty
PostSubject: Re: HDT Heels, DynDOLOAD, PreCache Killer   HDT Heels, DynDOLOAD, PreCache Killer EmptySun Aug 19, 2018 5:00 am


I'm just a user of this modpack, but I am currently using it and have only encountered issue 2 that you mention. The only time I received this error (and a few related others from other mods) was when I launched SKSE NOT from Mod Organizer and instead from a shortcut. Ever since I learned that I have not had any issues like this again.

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HDT Heels, DynDOLOAD, PreCache Killer
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