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 [Request] Some mode that I would love to see in 5.0

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New Face!
New Face!

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PostSubject: [Request] Some mode that I would love to see in 5.0   Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:58 am

On the begining ,thank You so much to bring some joy to my life. I love Skyrim and I love mods. In my busy life often I don't have so much time to spend on entertaining. I were so happy ,when I found out ,that somebody have already made thing I always wanted to do. So huge,great and stable pack of mods. 

I wanted to ask You if some of really nice mods could find place in your newest MP.
Here's the list:

Technicolor Alchemy Overhaul - Unique Alchemy Plants for Skyrim
Desc: This mod brings some color to Skyrim. All it do is adding more colorful variables of common plant like f.e. thristle. It comes with it's own alchemy effects diffrent than standard ones. Every new plants also has it's place in Skyrim (they are handmade placed).

More Colorful Critters
Desc: This mod is made by this same author ,it also adds some colors ,but this time it adds some buggs and butterflies. The only one thing about balance ,that I wanted to ask You : Is this possible to descreace a little bit spawning amount? I don't know how to do it :).

Harvestable Mammoth Skulls
Desc: This mod is simple tweak wnich allow You to collect Mammoth Tusks from Mammoth skulls placed around the Skyrim world ,because of balance it could be optional ,but I think it's a great idea.

Castles,dwellings and houses

Requied Library :
Desc: This is set of beautiful houses and Castle ,really immersive,in good taste and matching to Skyrim really nice,really love them.

Stronger By Killing
Desc: This mod adds ability to absorb the corpses of beaten enemies,You can get then some Health,Magicka,Stamina or CW It's fully customisable and it's needed to be turned in mod settings ,so it's fully optional. I really love this satisfaction of getting little progress after beating every enemy.

The Gemstone Collector
Desc: This mod adds huge amount of treasures to add some pleasure into looting dungeons and stealing from chests :) It also adds some new ores

Path of Sorcery - Magic Perk Overhaul
Desc: This modds adds some great thoughts magic perks ,is this possible to include even just the best of them in to the pack?

Sorry for taking Your time ,I think that there are many people that ask for some mods. Even then I hope that You will have time to even read this and check them ;) Maybe there is small chance that it will be included in the pack ,but still. Greetings from Krakow in Poland :) 

EDIT1: I got 2 more questions:
1. Will all mods from 4.4 be included in 5.0?
2. Do You concider add some races mods like 8 playable races by budcat or Snow elves mod?
EDIT2: Is there still a chance to add it to 4.4 ?

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Look ma no hands
Look ma no hands

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PostSubject: Re: [Request] Some mode that I would love to see in 5.0   Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:09 pm

the las mod path of sorcery is a great mod
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[Request] Some mode that I would love to see in 5.0
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