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 Increased my fps and smoothness by accident sorta.

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Serious poster

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PostSubject: Increased my fps and smoothness by accident sorta.    Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:35 pm

I know title is weird but figure i share what just happened. So my pc setup is a 7820x OC now to 4.8 and i run 2 1070 ftw hybrids in sli and i forget ram speeds but i think uh 3200 now with OC also. Reason im listing specs is i had reset everything months and months ago when i tried for a early OC on stuff but failed and i had been waiting for bios update. Well i finally updated bios on mb and i been playing skyrim everyday past few weeks and i had stutters real bad in whiterun but i just dealt with it as that aint gonna stop me from playing, and yes im on the latest windows build which is odd seeing as i tested the windows build before it was released offically and stutter was gone so idk if maybe i was OCed then or not.

Anyway to sum up, while i was stock at 4,3ghz and ram was stock i got the stutters, and after redoing OC and ram i thought, let me see how whiterun pun intended. And was kinda speechless, even with all the NPCs and specially leaving dragonsearch i would always get that stutter by stairs, its all gone, its stupid smooth rly and can tell its over 60 fps but even i dont believe rly that OC could of done that as it shouldnt of increased the feel of game way it did, its like night and day rly and i never rly OC to try and get as much as i can, i was just kinda doing it for fun since bios was out and it was more stable to just see what system could do and i had just played skyrim night before and im in whiterun alot as thats where i been doing quests at for companions so i saw difference right away when i went inside so ya idk, maybe OCin does help even if its small. Just figure i share info as i know skyrim is a stutter ball of mess for alot of ppl.
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Increased my fps and smoothness by accident sorta.
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