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 Help please...

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New Face!
New Face!

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PostSubject: Help please...   Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:24 am

Hello there.

.1  I am having an issue with SKY UI Mod to do with the .sfw error, every time i attempt to open the map menu or favorites category, I understand i am able to turn these error displays off via the MCM menu. the map is fine but the favorites menu seems rather different that what i remember it takes up the whole screen,and i can't seem to use group sets,  Perhaps it is an old version of this mod. i would like to be able to replace it with SKY UI 5.1 if it is not that version already . I would require detailed instruction including using bashed patches or whatever else affects it.

.2 The shadows are still a bit pixelated for my liking, may i change lines like "fshadowdistance=" in the ini files without having to edit any enb settings? i have changed these settings before and understand the contrast between crispness of shadows vs pop in effect.

.3 FPS issues. i'm sure everybody has a bit of this... I understand whiterun and solitude have some issues but this is more mod density/cpu based i have a Evga Nvida 980 ti hybrid 6gb but i am averaging 45-55 frames in the wilderness maybe 60 if i stand still. my question is how to edit things like tree LOD distance and all the little settings via MO as my TESV.EXE doesn't want to run (steam offline mode no internet) I have already adjusted spawn counts via the MCM menu

.4 Is there a particular reason that the mod "Skyrim Unbound was used instead of "Alternate start live another life" I would prefer to swap to the latter if possible, As i find the Skyrim unbound has issues around starting the main quest. this could be to do with the timing is everything mod putting a level cap on quests but i am unsure of this...

Finally I would like to thank Rotten Dub for making all this possible! I had given up modding due to constant CTD's and mod conflicts
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Help please...
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