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 Differences between my last setup and this one

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PostSubject: Differences between my last setup and this one   Wed Feb 10, 2016 12:43 pm

Everything is running great, now I'm comparing my old set up with this new one, and there are a few things I really miss and I want to know if I can use them with this modpack.

Amazing Follower Tweaks
Mixed Unit Tactics
Immersive Patrols
Immersive First Person
Adventurers & Travelers (I always set the numbers low on these)
Become Jarl of Ivarstead

I also used to use two highly controversial mods that I am pretty sure were not causing me problems:

Monster Wars

Mind you, this puts a LOT of NPCs on the map.  In my old game, everywhere I went there were people, monsters, and animals all fighting each other.  It was extremely entertaining.  I didn't have to worry about wolves on the road because they had so many other things to deal with! 

Speaking of wolves, yeah, I tried the camping in the woods alternate start with your mod and there were like 8 wolves right at the campsite trying to eat me!  I had used one of your saves.  Was it your settings in the save, a coincidence, or business as usual in this setup?

None of those mods are really deal breakers for me, although I'm really intrigued by Inigo and only got to experience a little bit of him, but I want to be sure I won't mess anything up.  Can I just put him on the bottom of the load order?

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PostSubject: Re: Differences between my last setup and this one   Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:04 pm

Immersive Patrols - this mod caused some CTD with this setup if i remember correctly
Immersive First Person - there is a light SKSE plugin that achieved the same goal with little resource spent
Adventurers & Travelers (I always set the numbers low on these) - tried a lot of mods that add NPC/travelers...CTD sometime or later will test more in the future
Become Jarl of Ivarstead - Donno
Inigo - you can add any follower you like as long as it's not script heavy (check your latency with convenient horses latency test)

Avoid anything that add a lot of script or NPC's while there's a memory patch in place depending on your CPU a lot of mobs on screen will lead to CTD.
I've tested the pack and it's stable even with 100 npc's or more,but performance decreases with a lot of them.
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Differences between my last setup and this one
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