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 My thoughts so far - what could be improved / changed / added

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PostSubject: My thoughts so far - what could be improved / changed / added   Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:05 pm

-NPCs talking to you when you pass by. With the amount of npcs on cities, this ends up being really annoying. Everyone you pass by bothers you.

*I've added some mods to mitigate this ... not working 100% will look further into this for V5

-Too many city-spawned npcs look exactly like each other, breaking immersion.

*That shouldn't happen

-Many npcs standing together on the same place, doing nothing. Sometimes, 3 or 4 of them look the same.

*Better that Whiterun the golden capital looking semi-deserted

-Talos dude screaming in Whiterun got replaced by a random npc and doesn't move his lips.

*That's not normal

-Most npcs doesn't move their lips.

*Depends on your PC, game engine sometimes can't keep up with the number of NPC's (if you go into a personal dialogue they will move their lips) this is also present in vanilla Skyrim with no mods.

-Everyone has the same height, including giants and creatures.

*Fixed/resolved in V5

-At the crafting station, different weapons with different recipes and different status, but same texture.


-Clothes doesn't match the body scales (female).

*80% should

-The pack has a limited variety on clothes.

*Not many mods that add clothing crafting recipes. You can safely add your favorite crafting clothing's mod.

-Are children killable and lootable? I did not tested it.


-Glowing Spiders doesn't actually glow and has iron ingot as loot, which doesn't make sense.

*You haven't configured Dynamic Loot (didn't use the configured save)

-More and better scars would be great.

*Will be present in V5

-2 straight hair mods and 1 improved rough vanilla - it's weird to have npcs with straight realistic hair and dirty rough hair standing near eachother.

*Different POV here

-Some of the city animals breaks immersion by getting stuck everywhere, walking without going anywhere.

*Should not happen

-Skeevers walking in the middle of npcs as if they where pets (?)

*Small skeevers should be present (rats) like medieval cities should have. Some NPC's kill them, some don't

-Breasts and glutes physics are unrealistic and exaggerated.

*Better than no movement (i know it's a little to much) i'll try to make it a lil more real for V5

-Attack animations could be something different from vanilla, since everyone is used to and tired of.

*Will look into it

-Tried to make a really tall, strong and agressive woman, but she walks like a lady.

*This has been discussed several times on the forum, you can relatively easy remove the sexy/lady walking/running/sprinting animation.

-Spiders casting ice breath (?)

*Huge spiders also do this in vanilla

-FPS lag spikes all arround whiterun. Can it be removed/reduced somehow?

*Performance guide here on forum or on the website. ASIS MCM / Immersive Creatures MCM

-Almost every ncp has a useless wooden club.

*NPC's like to beat their wood, jokes aside they should not.

-Clouds on the world map could be removed (if they are not already)


-After dying, a dramatic song played and nothing else happened. I was stuck looking at my burning dead body.

*That song mod should not be activated with my provided load-order which leads me to believe that you activated all the mods instead of my provided mod-order which in turn can turn into trouble down the line.

-I dislike Realistic Needs and Diseases, how do I remove it?

*RND MCM >>> shut down

-The mod list has no categories on Mod Organizer 


-Is there any mod on the pack to make enchanting, alchemy, potions and venoms better and less useless?


-Is the whole game in 2K~1K textures?

*Should be in 90% at least

-Mounts other than horses would be awesome.

*You can safely add your favorite

-Skeletons with armors could be added, together with the ones without them.

*They should have

-Better rings and necklaces, both appearance and utility.

*There almost a thousand of them how many exactly do you need?

-Is there a mod or a way to set the status of every item so you can balance the game yourself? Like, there are 4 sets of iron armors and the players usually choose the one with the higher stats. With this, it could be possible to set their status to be the same, so players choose what pleases them more.

*Not in the pack

Combo #1
-Alternate Start Live Another Life -
-New Beginnings - Live Another Life Extansion -
-Death Alternative - Your Money or Your Life -
-Death Alternative - Captured -
-Death Alternative - Alternate Start Addon -

*Alternate Start not recommended anymore
*Your Money or Your Life / Captured could work - not tested

Combo #2 - Because the combat is still too easy

-TK HitStop -
-TK Recoil -
- Ultimate combat / Any other / more mods that improve the way you fight everything, making it more challenging and different -
-Disable Basic Health Regen -

*Thanks for the suggestions will look into TK HS and recoil 
*Ultimate combat causes some animation issues with this pack

Combo #3 - Looting: (I don't know good mods to post here)
-Realistic carry weight .
-Rarer and more valuable loot.
-Rebalanced economy - money is harder to come by and items have a proper value.
-Rebalanced item weight - food, herbs, potions, yadda yadda yadda has reduced weight.
-Proper item distribution - "minions" have mediocre stuff or good stuff in rare times (kinda like % drop chance) - bosses has wonderful treasures.

How it works (on my mind):
-After killing and looting 10 bandits, you won't shove all that mediocre stuff on your inventory, for the following reasons:
a) You don't have enough space for all of it.
b) The mediocre stuff now worths less than mediocre, so it's pointless to take it.
c) The really good stuff, with true value, both for combat and for selling, will be hard to find. When you do, you'll have to find space in your inventory if you don't have already.
This makes looting a less annoying and boring activity, so it can be more rewarding and pleasing.
At the end of the day, you'll be heading to the city to sell the 2~5 items you've looted, and they'll give you a proper and satisfacting amount of gold.
Or you can use them to make your combats less painfull.

*i think economy tuning is present in 4.4 let me check load order for 4.4
-MCM menu for this is called trade routes set price anchor very low
-How it works :
•Materials/ingredients/armors/weapons/etc etc will have their price vary on hold economy and the materials available in the region (some vendors in some holds will pay different prices for the same item)
•Jewelry/gems will be more expensive
•A lot more under the hood
•Modify pelt prices with hunterborn MCM

*V5 starting carry weight will be 300
*Rebalanced item weight : done this for ingots and ores and the problem is that there is no one good mod that rebalances all of them properly and these mods contain string files which can't be merged (items will have bad names eg missing string 4356365 instead of their name)and that's a problem with a modpack this size, can't have 20 .esp modifying weight because it needs the .esp space (maximum 255 .esp can be active at one time, after 220+ game likes to crash)so merging is a must here.
*You can modify drop rate for everything from dynamic loot MCM
Combo #4 Mihail Monsters and Animals
-Vampire Beasts -
-Lurchers and Briarheart Trees -
-Ancient Nordic Sentinel -
-Foglings -
-Old Gods of the Hunt -
-Bolgans -
-Drakian Hydra -
-Giant Wasps -
-Harvesters -
-Gravelords -
-Dwarven Colossus -
-Minotaurs -
-Mammoth Expansion -
-The Giant Kingdom -
-Guars -

*Pack already contains a lot of different spawns, adding a ton more will not go well.

-No More Glowing Edges -

*In V5

-Skyrim Performance PLUS -

*In V5

-Open Cities - for less loadings -

*Not possible with this pack or V5

-Real clouds -

*Not compatible with the current or future setup

-Expanded Towns and Cities -

*Will kill your FPS

-Real Shelter - Full Release -

*Working will consider re-adding it to V5

-Dual Wield Parrying -

*Will take a look at this

-Cutting Room Floor -

*Not compatible 

-Build Your Own Home -

*Works fine you can add it

-Sneak Tools -

*Added in V5

-Book Covers Skyrim -

*Present in 4.4

-Unique Uniques -

*You can add it

-Better MessageBox Controls -

*Present in 4.4

-Run For Your Lives -

*Added in V5

-Better Dialogue Controls -

*Present in 4.4

-When Vampires Attack -

*Added in V5

-BLEED - A Blood Overhaul -

*Enchanted blood works fine

-OneTweak -

*Present in 4.4 : X:\Skyrim\Data\skse\plugins

-Dwarven Mechanical Dragons Mod -

*Present in immersive creatures so not needed

-JAWS - Deadly Oceans -
-Wild Penguins -
-Air Atronachs -

*No more spawns mods + none tested

-A Quality World Map and Solstheim Map - VIVID WITH FLAT ROADS

*Should be present in 4.4

-Quick loot -

*Will look into it

-Insignificant Object Remover - better performance -


-FPS Background Booster (truly works) -


-Automatic Skin Variants -
/\ and every possible skin variant 

*Attaches scripts to spawned NPC will probably conflict with ASIS and Immersive Creatures

-Tribunal Robes and Masks -

*Added by immersive armors

-Brigandage -

*Enough armor variants IMO

-EBD - EveryBodys Different -

*Already an NPC overhaul in place will not switch

-ARMONIZER Armors Pack -

*Enough armors IMO

If you have further suggestion regarding V5 post in the V5 forum.Thank you for the feedback!

Ready to work!

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PostSubject: Re: My thoughts so far - what could be improved / changed / added   Wed Aug 23, 2017 3:59 pm

I accidentally edited your post instead of replying hope you don't mind.

I've tried to answer most of your questions.


I am agent 0, 00.
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My thoughts so far - what could be improved / changed / added
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