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 Random closes

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New Face!

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Random closes Empty
PostSubject: Random closes   Random closes EmptySun Aug 20, 2017 12:29 am

I've seen other people post about this but i thought I'd just share my experience and see if anyone can help me specifically. 

Firstly i want to express my appreciation towards Rotten and all the people who help out on the forums. Skyrim Perfectly Modded is truly amazing and tons of fun, I can't even imagine how much work went it to it. Now, sorry for going off topic, heres the issue - 

I was able to install and get it working perfectly. Game looks great, its challenging, and tons of fun, but randomly (as if with no cause at all) my game will close without warning. I don't get a crash report, and when i load the game back up it works normal again for like maximum a half hour then crashes again. Now this isn't such a HUGE problem, since im a frequent quicksaver and i dont mind starting it back up. The main thing is its really immersion breaking, and also i feel like this shouldnt be happening. My load order is correct from what i can tell from other forum posts, and i don't have any red triangles sooo. One thing to note is i did NOT use rottendubs save file, I made a new one and did all the configs myself (yikes). Did i maybe do something wrong? I did use the youtube video where he goes through doing the configs, so a large majority of the settings are the same. Should i restart using rottendubs save file, and if so, which save file is it? There are many. This wouldnt be a huge deal, as im not too far into my character and I'd be willing to go through the early levels again if it means not crashing every half hour or so. One last thing, if I am to use rottendubs profile to fix this, how do i start a new character with Skyrim Unbound? Most of the options are grayed out, including the one to begin your adventure. I know you can do 'showracemenu' in the console but it doesnt allow you to change some things that i want to.

My game crashes randomly (no apparent, recurring cause) every 30 or so minutes. Load order is correct (99% sure) and everything works fine outside of the crashes. Also how to start a new character with Skyrim Unbound if you use rottendubs save file. Thanks for your help!
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Random closes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Random closes   Random closes EmptySun Aug 20, 2017 2:20 am

From what i can tell a lot of people forget to configure their mods correctly and that can sometimes be a cause for crash.
I never got sudden crashes when testing 4.4. This doesn't mean that they can never happen.

1.If people don't disable some additional/random/night spawns from Immersive Creatures this can crash the game (i've disabled them in the first configured save)
*Short answer badly configured mods from MCM can lead to CTD

2.If you have an under powered PC that can't run the pack properly this can also lead to some CTD's when a bigger number of NPC's are on screen or spawning.

(i've done tests with 200+ NPC's fighting and it's stable on my PC)

3.Load order should never be tampered with and has to be as instructed.

4.Adding mods that conflict and/or bad load order after can result in CTD
*EG recently a person said that his game CTD's after adding some mods.Most of the mods he mentioned were already in the pack merged and some were conflicting.These are the type of posts that i won't answer to as i can't advise every person that adds his own flavor to the pack.Everyone adding mods should be a fairly advanced modder and should have extended knowledge  of what is present in the pack and what everything does.

5.Having a ton of followers using HDT armors can overload the followers/HDT systems and cause a crash.

6.Pack is very portable and will work on different configurations but Skyrim is a wild beast that will crash even on vanilla on some PC's

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Random closes
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