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 DLC's not loading.

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New Face!

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DLC's not loading. Empty
PostSubject: DLC's not loading.   DLC's not loading. EmptySat Jul 22, 2017 12:38 am

So I've been playing the mod pack for a bit, had issues here and there. Steam started giving me issues double installing skyrim because it didn't like the game outside of the steam folder(even though it worked for a bit). Decided to find a copy of Skyrim from somewhere so I could play the pack(since the steam way was highly unrecommended). The pack worked perfectly as far as I could tell until I decided I wanted to go play the vampire story line. To my surprise the dawnguard DLC was not there. I went through and saw that even though the .esps where there, they were not showing up in data files. I gave up and downloaded it on steam and used the command prompt directory work around to make it think the game was in the X: drive. I now see all the DLC in data files, they show up in MO, but when I launch SKSE through MO the DLC still won't load in?

Help please D:

Also, how does the pack even work without the DLC content? o.O
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DLC's not loading.
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