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 Changing Textures for Characters and NPC

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New Face!
New Face!

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PostSubject: Changing Textures for Characters and NPC   Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:01 pm

So hi, pretty new here (a few days since I made an effort to get back into Skyrim, it's been a few months) and finally got this pack to work after giving in frustration in completely deleting my Steam copy of the game and downloading a non-steam version (So many damn problems when I tried to install using the steam version).

Anyway, I have a few questions regarding skin textures in general since I have a preference over whatever is used in the pack.

1) What would happen if I replace the current ones with SG textures and the Bijin NPC series of skin textures?

2) Would there be some conflict with other skin textures and cause those awful discoloring cuts (had to deal with them before. Not pretty)?

3) How would replacing the textures affect other NPCs (The ones added from other mods)?

I searched the forums for a while and got no mention of this (from what I could find) so I'm posting it here. I'm hoping that I can actually change them without causing any problems but better to have some confirmation than via personal experimentation (It took me an hour to install a new copy of Skyrim and unpack SPM) and being forced to reinstall a new flesh copy.
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Changing Textures for Characters and NPC
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