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 How can you wear more rings?

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New Face!

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PostSubject: How can you wear more rings?   Sun Jun 18, 2017 7:40 pm


I'd like my character to wear more than one or two rings at once, but I haven't been able to figure out how.

I saw in the mod list that the pack includes Dovahbling, but when I try to make use of its "ten finger ring system", the right-click menu doesn't show.
I think it's being overridden by Immersive Jewelry's system which supposedly lets you wear up to 4 or 5 rings at once, although I haven't gotten this to work either.

There's also this bit of text in the Immersive Jewelry readme (ctrl+f "dovahbling"):
Quote :
The Signet Ring Pack from Dovahbling - This is the only part of Dovahbling not included in Immersive Jewelry, but they are rings given on ascendancy to the thanedom of all the holds.
Immersive Jewelry can let you wear 4 rings, technically 5 if you finish certain quests. Now that Dovahbling uses the ring swap script, however, you can swap the thane rings onto all of your remaining fingers, for a total of 10. 

But I'm not sure what this would mean in my case.

I appreciate any assistance :)
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How can you wear more rings?
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