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 Dark Near black Head Color [Bug]

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New Face!
New Face!

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PostSubject: Dark Near black Head Color [Bug]   Mon May 29, 2017 10:08 am

Hey, I am new to the PMS community and the pack is great I love it the graphics and the mods are all absolutely wonderful.

However, I have come across a bug in the time that I have played that I find to be immersion breaking. and I don't mean to be offensive but this is a big turn off for me and makes me want to stop playing as I love Being immersed in my game in third person.
Anyway, the bug is where my main character doesn't matter the race has a much darker head than the body> I have followed the graphical setups that the tutorial ran though, I have switched enb's mess around with the actual settings in TES V launcher and to no avail nothing has changed. again I love the mod it is beautiful and makes Skyrim feel alive and wonderful and has recreated that spark that made me get 2000+ hours onto it but Ever since hour 578 (Yes I counted), I have loved the immersion side. I love to take my time, look around, Look at my character and act as if I was my character but I love to do this in third person to get cinematic shots. and its hard to do that when you see something like this 
The Image was not mine I can't actually take screenshots of my Skyrim.
Now I have tried reinstalling I have one last thing I will try which will be a different crack of the game. Yes, I cracked it for the modpack and no I have already bought it. it is in my steam library. 
And the cracked version I did get was Legendary it had all DLC AND I did disable the High res Pack...
So if anyone has fixed this problem or knows of a workaround please say so I have spent the entirety of today trying to figure it out. Thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Near black Head Color [Bug]   Mon May 29, 2017 12:41 pm

1 other person reported this so there might be something to it but other's  (at least 200 people don't have this problem) 

First thing i would check would be load order. Is your order correct as per

And i'll try to advise you further from there.


I am agent 0, 00.
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Dark Near black Head Color [Bug]
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