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 Having trouble with the steam installation

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New Face!

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PostSubject: Having trouble with the steam installation   Wed May 03, 2017 4:30 pm

Every time I open Mod Organizer, it adds "teamLibraryteamappsommonkyrimkyrimSkyrim/" to the end of "steamapps/common/Skyrim/Skyrim/". I've replaced this multiple times already but it becomes this every time I open mod organizer. Does anyone know how to fix this? 

I'm also lacking a couple of the files on the right, such as ETaC-Resources.esm.

I don't have a legal, non-steam version of the game. I got a cracked version from this link: and tried to install perfectly modded as per instructions(in a 120gb drive X) but mod organizer just tells me that none of the mods are there. If anyone could link me to something that would work with the mods(or if I'm doing this all wrong) then I'd very much like to know.

EDIT: Just tried the method listed on the last post here: 
None of the mods appeared, so I replaced X:\\Skyrim with X:\\Skyrim\\Skyrim on everything except for the first line as well as X:/Skyrim with X:/Skyrim/Skyrim on everything but the line "working directory" after the skseloader.exe line. The mods are there on MO but none of them are activated and there isn't any load order. Opening SKSE from MO also tells me that it can't find TESV.exe. I've undone all changes to the modorganizer.ini file. I'm really lost here at what to do and I'd like some help.
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Having trouble with the steam installation
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