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 FollowerLivePackage for SPM 5

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Rookie poster
Rookie poster

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PostSubject: FollowerLivePackage for SPM 5   Fri Apr 07, 2017 12:49 am

This mod is amazing.  The behavior and combat AI for followers with this is the best I've seen and the outfit management system is as good as AFTs without the bugs.
It's a little complicated to use, but with alittle research it's doable.  
I'm experimenting with it's compatibility with EFF now, but others have made it work smoothly apparently.
I'd really suggest you look into slipping this into 5.0.

World's Dawn is also a great loot mod, and the Kid's are alright is a newer kids mod that looks alot better than RSchildren.
I'm sure you are well aware of the Bijin mods too.
Just some other mods to consider.

I only recently discovered your mod packs and I really appreciate the amount of work you put into it.
I put hundreds of hours into modding the game before this, and your packs cut out a lot of that time when I decided to start fresh.
So your work is much appreciated!

Do you take donations for your work?  The amount of work you've put in on all of our behalf is certainly worth rewarding.
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Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer

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PostSubject: Re: FollowerLivePackage for SPM 5   Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:09 am

The Kids are Alright I want to downvote, it makes porcelain doll geishas out of the fat faced kids I love to hate.  Not even their parents have any business looking so sculpted out of godstone.
FollowerLivePackage sounds excellent though, it might allow riding on the backs of canine followers, glad to hear about this.
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PostSubject: Re: FollowerLivePackage for SPM 5   Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:21 pm

TKAA (the kids are alright) causes some major FPS problems and spikes with the mod package even when no kids are around for some reason, for example i was just randomly exploring and in the wilds and FPS just gone to 4FPS for no reason and i narrowed down to that mod. Definetley not something i want/can't have in the pack.

(and yes i've tried all versions with all the different setups)

I found a happy medium and ATM pack will continue to use TK children.

Bijin mods had a similar problem whenever i exited an "inside cell" and going "outside to skyrim" FPS would just go to 13FPS and stay there.

I'll take a look at the other mods.

Know the feeling man I've put in thousands of hours in building the pack.Currently there are no ways to donate using any online methods.

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PostSubject: Re: FollowerLivePackage for SPM 5   

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FollowerLivePackage for SPM 5
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