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 Questions about mod compatibility

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PostSubject: Questions about mod compatibility    Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:44 am

I was wondering if you thought any of the following mods would have major compatibility issues.
I know I'd have to turn off a few of the installed mods if I use these and I just wanted to make sure there wouldn't be a huge issue.

Immersive Weapons - I didn't see it on your mod list and I love a lot of the weapons in this mod
Heavy and Royal Armory - Same as above
The Bijin Replacer mods (Warmaidens, Wives, NPCs) - I assume I should turn off Beautiful Followers for this, but any other mods you think I should deactivate for these?
Males of Skyrim and Men of Winter - Not sure which of the installed mods I should turn off for this.  I assume if I just put this lower in the load order these textures would overwrite the installed ones anyway.
Alternate Start (Live another life) - I just like this starter more.  I would of course have to turn off Skyrim Unbound for this, but would this have any issues with the setup to use this instead?

Thanks and I love your mod pack.  You put a huge amount of work into this and continue to support it which is awesome!

EDIT: NM all of those, I've played around with Skyrim Unbound now and realize it's fine and don't need Alternate Start (to make Alternate start work I needed to regenerate LODs and I didn't want to mess with that.
I got the NPC replacers to work fine and the weapon packs just required that I generate a new dual sheath patch and FNIS.

So I would like to add in the Rebalanced Level lists mod and Unique Loot mod, but am worried about it conflicting with Dynamic Loot.  I like what Dynamic Loot does and want it's functionality to remain intact, but from what I can tell it only affects NPCs and I wanted something to fix container loot as well.  Do you have any suggestions about how to incorporate these and make them all work together?
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Questions about mod compatibility
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