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 [tips needed] My experience with an AMD GPU (R9 280) using Snowfall ENB

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PostSubject: [tips needed] My experience with an AMD GPU (R9 280) using Snowfall ENB   Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:35 pm

Update 2:
My earlier guess that it's a GPU problem might be wrong or at least incomplete. I have disabled every single esp/esm save for the official dlcs and the legendary patch. My FPS with ENB at the same place in WR is 42 and without ENB it's 48. I didn't disable anything on the left pane in MO, so lot of textures, meshes are the same. I'll try disabling some recommended CPU heavy mods.

If anyone has a similar config (see specs below) and if he or she could write down their settings that would be very nice. I may be overestimating my card or there is something seriously wrong on my end.

Update 1:
Honestly I have no idea what causes this. I have disabled all mods (even potentially game-breaking stuff) with a texture and or mesh icon and nothing else in MO after making a backup of the profile. It still gives me 25FPS looking at the big tree from far away. It must be some more basic meshes/textures, maybe a mod.
I found some useful comments by Rotten in the Performance Guide. I'll try those.


First of all, thank you Rotten for this amazing mod pack! After I got tired modding my Skyrim every time (extremely time consuming) I found your pack. This is truly amazing, especially the number of mods included!

I'll write down my experiences, a few fixes I found and I have questions for the more experienced modders.

I got it installed to X: with some tricks and while it works all right I have some performance issues.
My specs are the following:

  • i5-4590 (4 cores - 3.3GHz)
  • 8GB RAM
  • Sapphire R9 280 3GB (Using AMD drivers, not that ancient Sapphire shit.)
  • 1TB HDD
  • 120GB SSD (I put Skyrim on this one.)
  • 1680x1050 (16:10) resolution

I switched over to Snowfall ENB following the guide on the forum. My ENB settings are the following:
// Most of this I tested and tweaked.
DisableDriverMemoryManager=true // Set to true for AMD Videocards
VideoMemorySizeMb=10240 // *** I tried different values including 3072, etc. too ***
// less than 8GB Formula: (VRAM + RAM - 2048) , max value: 10240
// more than 8GB Formula: (VRAM + RAM - 2048 / 2) , max value: 10240
EnableCompression=true //set to false or true if you experience stuttering
AutodetectVideoMemorySize=false // set to false for "VideoMemorySizeMb" to take effect

Performance mostly depends on where I my character looks. If the complexity is low then I get 40-60 FPS both outside and in Whiterun. If the complexity of the scene is high (like looking at the big tree in Whiterun from Jorrvaskr [companions building], etc.) then my FPS drops to 25-30.
However the problem is that even if I disable ENB mid-game (SHIFT+F12) I gain only around 5FPS (it goes from 25->30 in WR). I also have this issue in Riverwood.
I tried tweaking the threaded settings too and lowering the texture quality actually just makes it worse.

This is quite odd in my opinion. I think the bottleneck is my GPU as it can't really process all the high-quality meshes/textures fast enough.
My question is what should I disable to gain more FPS? I mean what are the most generic texture/mesh stuffs I can disable?

I have already looked at these guides:
Performance Guide
ENB Performance Guide
AMD Performance Guide

I don't want to disable mods unless I really need to. Honestly I don't think that disabling some books texture would give me better performance when I mostly encounter books inside, however generic building/clothing/etc. textures would certainly give some boost.
I could try and mess around but I'd like to know if anyone has any tips or if anyone had this exact issue?


I also had stutter outside which I was able to fix by decreasing the insane draw distances (I don't really care about the LOD, it's nice though). Any thoughts on this?
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[tips needed] My experience with an AMD GPU (R9 280) using Snowfall ENB
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