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 Performance - tips and tricks

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PostSubject: Performance - tips and tricks   Tue Nov 10, 2015 9:49 pm

Important tips to ensure optimal performance for V3 will be posted here.

Tip 1

As soon you install skyrim and the pack use TES5Edit to clean the Bethseda files(launch TES5Edit with MO).If you don't how to do that check the modding guide here on the forum.
Files that should be cleaned :
*Any any other specified in the guide

Tip 2

•You will see 1 red exclamation mark in MO,don't worry about it skyrim creates new files every time it starts up because of the random main menu screen, it's fine.If you see more than one post somewhere or send me a PM and i will try to help!

Tip 3

•Make sure to set the correct options in the NVIDIA CP it makes all the difference betwen 30 FPS and 60 FPS

•Bad driver or incorrect settings

•Good driver and correct settings

•Correct settings are :

•Last good know driver for NVIDIA users is 355.82 and will work perfect with the pack.

•You can find it online or in ReadMEs and tools=-\Redist

Tip 4

•Is you game looks like running in slow-mo?
This is for two reasons,one because your PC hardware can't handle the pack or your drivers are not right and slows the game world down so you won't have any stutter when turning,exploring or fighting.
-Will get into that in a sec but first try other things.
•If you have an Nvidia card, last good know driver to work well with skyrim is 355.82 so you should start by getting that.(i also use this driver)
•Make sure you set options for TESV.exe like in install instructions.
•Check out your average fps by pressing the "*" button (near numpad minus)
•Go to X:\Skyrim\profiles\Rotten and open skyrim.ini
-Find the second line named "iFPSClamp=50"
-Set it to whatever your average fps is
*Warning setting this below 50 will make your character run faster(and the world)if your FPS is above 50
*It will also make the world faster when set to 30 for example to compensate FPS loss
•You can also erase the line,but then if your PC/CPU can't handle the stress it will stutter your image/game

Tip 5
Game going to fast?
•Same as above but set "iFPSClamp=60"

Tip 6

-One crucial thing to do when start a new game is press "ESC" >>> "Mod Configuration Menu" >>> "SKY UI" >>> "ADVANCED" >>> untick "MAP&FAVORITES Menu"

Tip 7

•Do you have a lower end-PC but would still like to try the pack?
-In-game press SHIFT+F12 to disable ENB(i don't recommend deleting the ENB files from game folder)
-Below you'll find a video tutorial on how to tweak the game for better performance

Tip 8

•A simple tutorial on how to use the tools in the pack with mod organizer

Tip 9

•Seems like i forgot to move realistic waters lower in load order and water doesn't look like it supposed to.
-So if you water in-game doesn't look like this :

-Open MO and move realistic waters.esp and all it's addtional esp's
(5 in total sub esp's) lower in load order.

Pro Tip : You can hold control to select and move multiple esp's

-It slipped my mind and I've just noticed today.

Tip 10

Opening enblocal.ini and setting UseDefferedRendering=false will disable some eye-candy(like AO,subsurface scattering etc)and the heavy hitters of ENB giving massive FPS boost and still keep some of the good stuff like Bloom,Adaptation and DOF.Give it a try.

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Performance - tips and tricks
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