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 Skyrim Perfectly Modded V4.3 a bit of help

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New Face!
New Face!

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PostSubject: Skyrim Perfectly Modded V4.3 a bit of help   Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:17 am

Hi everyone.

Regarding Skyrim Perfectly Modded V4.3:

Well, mod runs good, for few minutes of playing, but i have few hmm, probably not bugs but weird "glitches" during gameplay:

- All npc stand still like scarecrows on a stick and not moving
- There is no fighting animations for bow , all kind of swords, shields etc
- when i try to craft anything in forge there is no window for anthing and after seconds its like autoexit from it, same with looting dead animals enemies

So far i heven't seen enything else that for me will ruin a bit gameplay, so if any one of You might have a solution for those problems it would mean a lot.

Thanks in advance

PS - I am almost completly new in modding skyrim so if it would not be a problem to write what should i do in terms that moron as I would understand :D
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PostSubject: Re: Skyrim Perfectly Modded V4.3 a bit of help   Thu Sep 29, 2016 11:56 am


Q: I have no char animation (aka T-pose)
A: Locate GenerateFNISforUsers.exe via search in the Skyrim folder, right click, properties, compatibility tab, ensure run as admin is selected.

-Run FNIS through MO (mod organizer)
-Only click the first 2 options (gender specific and skeleton arm fix)
-If momo jump is ticked, detick it.
-Right Click overwrite folder >>> Create new mod >>> FNIS movement.

Q:I have some SKSE files regarding my survival mods data in my overwrite folder
A:Right Click Overwrite folder >>> Create new mod >>> name it Survival Profiles.

For more help / tips / troubleshoot see :
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Skyrim Perfectly Modded V4.3 a bit of help
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