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 High King of Skyrim V2, Crime Overhaul, ect.

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PostSubject: High King of Skyrim V2, Crime Overhaul, ect.   Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:18 am

Please add these mods, they are really fun.

Unfortunately since I am a new member, I cannot post external links for 7 days. You can just google these mod names, they are all found on Nexus Mods

"Become High King of Skyrim V2"  
This mod has soo many features, behead people, promote people to jarls, rangers, make people guard you, take stuff from anybody, get away with crimes, just general fun. Oh, and it also comes with a quest (sort of?) you have to have 50k gold for your campaign, gain 20 supportors to support your claim, and kill ulfric or elisif. 

"Mixed Unit Tactics - Dawnguard Edition" 
This mod is epic, it allows 120 followers in your party, has follower squads, immersive controls, stealth operations, tactical formations, writing orders on paper ect. Basically the idea of this mod is to allow you to organize some kind of force and group them into squads, send squads to multiple places and do things such as guarding, looting, sieges, ect. 

"Crime Overhaul" 
Adds in new crime interactions.

"Become Lord of Utgard" 
More of a sandbox mod, gives you a little castle in which you can use it as a home and it comes with some followers as well.

"Become Jarl of Ivarstead"
Lets you become a jarl, has a 8 hour storyline that is required in order to become the jarl. Once you are a jarl, there are many 
features such as decision making (let the people starve?, execute this person?, ect) You can construct buildings, set laws, and so much more.

"Become King of Riverhelm" 
Adds your own castle, lets you collect taxes, hire guards, grant titles, start invasions on your own castle, ect.

"Build Your Own City - Becoming a Lord" 
You can build your very own city in the middle of nowhere!
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PostSubject: Re: High King of Skyrim V2, Crime Overhaul, ect.   Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:43 am

Nice suggestions.Mods of them sound quest related and i plan to add a HUGE number of mods in V5.
Problem is that i won't be starting on V5 for quite some time as i plan to upgrade my hardware a little first.
You can add these mods yourself and maybe test them for some time as i tend to try and test all the mods i add to the pack.
If you don't know where to put them in load order check :

I am agent 0, 00.
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High King of Skyrim V2, Crime Overhaul, ect.
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