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 Skyrim 4.4 freeze

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New Face!
New Face!

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Skyrim 4.4 freeze Empty
PostSubject: Skyrim 4.4 freeze   Skyrim 4.4 freeze EmptyFri Mar 01, 2019 9:35 am

Anyone know the reason that when I alt+tab and I come back my game is frozen.

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Rookie poster
Rookie poster

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Skyrim 4.4 freeze Empty
PostSubject: Re: Skyrim 4.4 freeze   Skyrim 4.4 freeze EmptySun Mar 03, 2019 5:21 am

Happens to me also, OneTweak comes with the 4.4 package which is supposed to help with this...I'm not sure if it is configured via it's ini yet though. Google OneTweak nexus and have a read through. Might find your answer there.

Alternatively.... alt-tab out, do what you gotta do, alt-tab in and then alt-tab in again...then let it load up again. Takes a good 30 seconds on my rig.
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Skyrim 4.4 freeze
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