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 A letter to PM fans

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PostSubject: A letter to PM fans   Fri Nov 09, 2018 2:40 am

Hello old friends and new ones.

As of today in a few hours i'll be taking an airplane to a new life and new struggles(another country etc)

To make it short and sweet in the last years I've had a few problems to say the least. As of this year I've had two deaths in my family, a divorce and many more things i will not bother you with,one of the reasons why SPM 5 and other projects were delayed.

I tried to keep all of the project afloat , sadly it was not the case and i'm very sorry for people that waiting multiple projects to be released.

Sadly can't keep living my life with 20000$ debt every year and keep my family good and happy without some sacrifices.

Q : So what will happen with SPM / PM site/ forum / projects/ packs ?

A : They will be delayed

Q : For how long?

A : I really don't know

Q : Will you abandon the mission?

A : No , not likely

Q : Why don't you take your projects/ PC / with you

A : Work will take more than and a half of any of my days, rest will be spent sleeping, eating and trying to keep in touch with my daughters

Q : But why do this bro?

A : I really have no choice, my kids need a future

Q : But the money from these projects?

A : Aside for a few people that really wanted to press the issue i had no money from this. ( luv you guys for pressing the issue )

Not trying to be dramatic or anything, would really love to thank anyone who supported the projects, for me i was and will be a labor of love, i really feel good for each and every one of you who used the packs just to save time or sanity. Someday i'll be back!

SPM / PM pack aren't going anywhere!

To alll of you, patiently waiting throughout the years Thank you!
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Look ma no hands
Look ma no hands

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PostSubject: Re: A letter to PM fans   Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:00 pm

Take care my friend and i hope there’s a bright future waiting ahead of you.

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Rookie poster
Rookie poster

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PostSubject: Re: A letter to PM fans   Mon Nov 12, 2018 4:01 pm

Thanks a lot for everything and take care. Victory
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PostSubject: Re: A letter to PM fans   

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A letter to PM fans
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